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  1. What he's saying is with old sin eater, you don't gain XP while it's out. So you don't even need to dlvl or go get the quest.
  2. I know people who went +10 or higher on a single weapon. 0 breaks....
  3. He's not wrong. PKing needs to be a viable solution to fighting over hunting spots. Karma is too high and too slow to reduce during hunting.
  4. Why would it matter? Scaling would be ridiculous. Purpose of Shots being different grades is for a somewhat more diverse economy. A sense of progression with crafters Adena sink per lvl
  5. k Karma/PK system is obviously more important for higher lvl chars. So your struggle to delvl your alt is kind of irrelevant to the PK system, simply because you can't abuse it anymore.
  6. Also port fees. Closer to 75-80k
  7. it costs adena instead of xp now. Also only removes 1 PK every time. Instead of chance at more. Since adena is harder to get than xp in this version its really not a big deal.
  8. Costs 5 B Gems. Start at Hardins (Dark Judge) Equip Agathion. Summon Agathion Use skill for 1 hour of penitence Gather 50 crumbs (1 per 20 mobs) or something close to that Turn in to dark judge and lose 1 pk. You keep all XP with agathion out. (So you cannot use to prevent xp gain) You can get more than 50 crumbs but they will not carry over.
  9. "Should be" Is very subjective and your basing this off another server with different business models.
  10. Yes, it's been confirmed lvl 55 = 100kk xp (or something like that) Juji or hime commented that it has been sent to devs but there has been no discussion since then.
  11. EWC and EAC prices are going up because most people are getting c grade now and using for weekly bonus. You get lots of ewc and eac from abyss dungeon. Not really a big deal. The rest is accurate though.
  12. im 50 and i make 2-3m/day farming...
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