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  1. btw, laby is no longer working... any other source to keep an eye on server status?
  2. they said 14:00 gmt+2 would go down, and would last 8 hours.... atm is 22:18 gmt+2, so we're on 8:30 hours..... so according to this post itself, they're late already
  3. Any info about when servers are going up?
  4. Its because the server is still down http://l2.laby.fr/status/
  5. According to this, u didn't fix (again): a) The ss/bss lag which continues to make our lives hard b) The bug that doesn't remove dead people from instance zones to towns Are we ever gonna get those bugs fixed? Would be nice if we actually get an official answer at some point!!
  6. nope, he means enchant armor + weapon scrolls.....
  7. 1 thing only i dont understand...... why bracelets + scrolls are not eligible for trade? and why so many items without possibility to trade in general??
  8. I've heard complaints recently, regarding purchases via paypal..... ppl say that they never got the ncoins they paid for and the 2 companies r blaming each other, neither of them takes responsibility.... at least with credit card u have a more clear picture of who to blame in such occasions!!
  9. the server transfers concern chronos + naia only... not the classic servers.....
  10. Cause everyone in this game has the right to play, regardless of gear... thats why ppl try..... if support classes join their pties or not, thats another story.... but u dont have any right to judge anyone, since we all know that u have to pay in order to gear up.... many ppl here cant afford that.... some respect to other ppl wouldnt hurt!!
  11. for l2 classic issues, post on the classic server forums and stop spamming us here.... we simply dont care about whats happening in the classic servers!!
  12. has anyone managed to exchange rotten fishing stew for fish? description says "fishing guild members in each town" but i cant find any option.......
  13. what time (gmt +2) did the servers go down, and at about what time we expect them to go back live?
  14. Sure i'm up for it..... but w8.... ppl dont take melee classes there... they "lose" exp..... gg for me and the other 50% of the server.....
  15. Hello there, i renewed my prestige pack subscription yesterday, and i received (again) the "gift" of individual fame scroll..... which is absolutely useless since the Salvation patch went live, as individual fame doesn't exist anymore...... so should we be expecting a new type of reward for our subscription? Will we be getting the same crap over and over again?
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