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  1. Absolutely. And trust me it won't be the LAST time someone is "found" to have been cheating. How far must cheaters be able to push the limits of what they can get away with? Until they are 97 apparently. Let's give NCSoft the chance to rectify some issues and right many wrongs. FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS: RESTORE WYVERN ONTO CHOPPER IMMEDIATELY! I'M SICK OF THIS CRAP. LEGIT PLAYERS MUST BE REWARDED!!!!!!! MAKE L2 GREAT AGAIN. MAKE LEGIT GRINDING GREAT AGAIN! MAKE WYVERNS GREAT AGAIN. MAKE CHOPPER GREAT AGAIN!
  2. On Classic, the P2W was way more off the charts, and even after those MUCH crazier pendants were released there, there was still much more server "story arcs" and glory to be had. I'd even argue the server was even more fun after those P2W items. Draining yes, but not terrible. People were still running around with barely anything and having good times. In a very real way it allows people to invest into using their characters more for guts and glory and less for 1 million boxes and being an adena farming simulator. Pick 1 character and 1 class and stick with it people. You'll thank m
  3. What's the point of investing on an NA server that I can't compete on because of work? I live in same exact time zone as the server so I thought I would be able to participate in things as big as Olympiad. Complete bullshit. Would rather go somewhere else. @Jujihas there not been any word or thoughts whatsoever exchanged within the NCWest team to change or extend oly running time? Push it forward 1 hour would solve everything and still be good time for everyone.
  4. Honestly it needs to be at least 2 hours ahead of that. Even those who work where server is located will still be working. This is a huge oversight.
  5. No hard working North American who spends money here will even be out of work yet for Olympiad. Who came up with this time? Bolsonaro?
  6. We did 3 hours ago Bumbo. Where have you been? An echo chamber?
  7. Apparently it's because of very small minority of people are "screaming in our face", as Limerence put it, that they don't like it. That's why we should shut up. But the vote is saying more than any screaming SJW tears ever could.
  8. This vote has only been up for 40min. Who's this "none of us cares about item dropping or item destroying on PK" you speak of? Fake news.
  9. Holy crow we're reaching levels of carebear that shouldn't even be possible. I didn't kno I insulted you lol my bad. Bro I been playing live and private servers for a long time. 1-2 month servers? Try 5 years. Getting up to alliance leader of hundreds of people on servers mostly non-donators - keeping Aden and TH hero & moving on to be GM & developer on multiple servers - is an experience you'll never understand. As is apparent with your "I hope you lose a forum argument" grounded mentality. See the forest for the trees man. Do you not see how many people disagree with you? S
  10. Yea we'll just see how it turns out then now won't we? Zero threads are going up in favor of the new system, just a few goons replying in the countless pro-pk-drop threads. You sure don't see the whole picture don't you? Terrible foresight & little care for the very loud player base! Sad (or sick) people.
  11. Maybe in a different life I would respect your opinion @KABAL but today you're a tool my guy.
  12. Whatever you say there's only like 3 people in this thread max who don't want to change it back *TO NORMAL*. Nobody else wants this new sh1t. Lineage 2 isn't about having your safe space. Grow a pair.
  13. I worked hard and never donated so what's your point? I'd still be farming PKs for gear greater than mine. You make zero sense. Also: "Official Lineage 2 Classic Servers" - what a joke that is without item drops from PKs. Do YOU even hear yourself?
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