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  1. As the tittle said I wtt blessed eternal heavy set +10 full element with shield r99(emerald) for same set leather. mail me in game DaLt0n or pm CreepyLaugh
  2. Hi guys,I think that in this patch it is better for Tyrrs to use heavy set. -Light set STR +3, DEX +2 P./ M. Skill Power +3% P. Atk. +7%, M. Atk. +7%, P. Def. +5%, M. Def. +5%, Received Healing +7%, Attribute Resistance +15 -Heavy set +3STR +2CON P. Critical Damage +3%, P. Skill Critical Damage +3% P. Atk. +7%, P. Def. +7%, Attribute Resistance +15 heavy has better p def but less evasion.. what are you thinking about this?
  3. Wts +7 Bloody Amaranthine Pole with HP DRAIN ultra rare special ability.The Vampiric Special Ability is no more obtainable. This time the pole has + Kain lvl8 + Mystic,but I will keep them or you have to give me adenas + Kain lvl8 +Mystic mail me in game serious offers on DaLt0n
  4. +1 We are waiting like children are waiting for milk....
  5. Dear GMs where it will be Red Libra event again and is it in future plans to make some type o dual to main or a something like stone of destiny for change the main class? @Juji @Hime
  6. Iss Hiero for Prophecy of Might at 101
  7. Mail me in game with offers for bloody slasher.Add description with the enchant/Sa and lvl of sa and price DaLt0n with zero
  8. Try to maximize critical chance & Damage.1500/500 atk speed & focus.Try to augment on critical dmg too and +15STR
  9. Hi there,AP tree is like every tyrr full p.atk/Element/Cr.chance&damage and for sure use light set at least +8
  10. As tittle says wtt blessed seraph heavy set +10 full element for same leather set or tw leather set +10 + adenas pm/mail in game DaLt0n with zero
  11. As tittle said pm me or mail in game Chronos DaLt0n with zero
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