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  1. A Gm will responde to your tickets for instructions as they did to me a few minutes back..they will inject the pack to your player.. with some interest
  2. lets hope that tomorrow on maintenance it will be fixed..a gm told me that we'll be able to buy the packs till 2nd of November..let's all keep the faith
  3. 11 days here and still can't buy the pack..ridiculous!!
  4. @Orfi According to FAQ you can buy one of each packs!
  5. so we all need to provide you with our tickets No or it's going to get fixed for everyone?
  6. this is ridiculous..10 days already and they can't fix it
  7. yeah I don't rly understand why they do this..my ticket is waiting for 2 days now
  8. After all these days I still get the same error when I try to buy chronicle pack and no word from support
  9. Hello.. I tried to buy the chronicle pack on my account but i'm keep getting this message ""this item has limited purchase. please check requirements"..is there any fix about this?
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