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  1. I've been waiting for this server since I saw the Russian classic, you took 5 years to open a classic server and you give us this? really? you have 0 respect for your comunity. I got tired of your sh1t, I've been a week and you still do nothing. luckily paypal understood that you are shameless scamer and they are reviewing the cases. i expected nothing and i'm still disappointed.
  2. +1, if today we do not get any response i will start requesting the refunds to my bank.
  3. its that true? i paid with my visa, i would love to do that if the dont fix this
  4. just do as much as you can, spider quest or something like that. or just play another game until they fix this fraud.
  5. "So you want them to change current drop rates because they made a mistake with 1.5 announcement?" emmm yes? they promised us a 1.5 classic so at least i expected the rates to be like 1.5, it wasnt a miss tippe in the announcemennt, they even writed they 1.5 patch note.
  6. I want to believe that they are not answering because it is weekend, if they continue to ignore the problem after Monday, then its a ggwp
  7. +1, idk if they did it on purpose or no but the rates are bleeped.
  8. rates x1, like any other off classic out there.
  9. they are broke. its simple, just compare the adena drop in na with any of the others classic off. check the Monster Eye Watchman drop for example, in the others classic they drop between 72 and 167 adenas, but here the max adena drop from that mob is about 60a, theres is a big difference between 167a and 60a https://l2wiki.com/classic/Monster_Eye_Watchman
  10. same, i have that problem only with ti server, giran is working fine
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