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  1. Maybe you should chill tf out and stop crying and saying they have no intentions of fixing it then.
  2. I would imagine so. Try unequipping your weapon and trying it
  3. Pretty sure they still are really rare. Most recipes are pretty high drop %. Weapon parts/full items are super rare. I hit 23 last night as a scavenger and the only big drop I've had was a compound bow shaft.
  4. I main a scavenger : imma be the best dwarf eva
  5. I managed to get myself a short spear, but my armor is just what I've been able to find so far. Maybe ill find some greens to slaughter. Any suggestions for mob type to get best spoils/drops from?
  6. Do those sell for anything? I usually end up vendoring recipes.
  7. Wtf is wrong with some of you tards? They literally said they would be looking into it. Then they did and said they will try and push an update out to fix it soon, and they did. And it's fixed. All in like a week.
  8. I've just been kinda running around trying to find an OK spot to farm whites. Which mobs are you farming/spoiling?
  9. I decided to go with an EE for my box too.
  10. I dunno, I was doing pretty good. Got to level 22 last night and was able to finally buy a NG weapon.
  11. How much money have you dropped on the game so far?
  12. You don't need to be spamming forums with your issues, there are tons of people having issues.
  13. What do the tailsman's and secret book thing do?
  14. If it was, they would've mentioned it in the maintenance announcement.
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