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  1. Forget all these VIP and +% drop bullshit. Just do $15/month and keep the shit the way it was at release.
  2. Lol dude, he literally just said info will be available in a few hours after they finish the details. Just wait ffs.
  3. I hope they change spoil rates. With how low spoil rates are, there's no reason to spoil. You'd be far better off just rolling DPS and killing mobs 2x as fast and getting whatever drops.
  4. There shouldn't be any boxxing. I saw a couple 9box last night running around
  5. Eh, haven't seen a ton of bots really. You should have seen Aion when it launched. Holy bleep the bots were outrageous.
  6. As far as I know it's just success rate. I'm not even sure to what extent though. But with the current spoil drop rate, spoiling is hardly worth it. You'd make a lot more money just killing mobs faster than spoiling and killing. Hopefully they'll change it
  7. Pretty sure it just lets you spoil higher level mobs easier.
  8. You realize that @Hime is a community manager? Meaning he communicates from the devs to the players? He can't do anything about people being stuck or whatever you're talking about. And they've said on MANY occasions they KNOW people are having issues logging in. So relax
  9. What goes good with scavenger? A SE or EE, and what else?
  10. How is EXP divided between group members? Is there a level range for getting exp? Like if you've got a lvl 30 killing mobs, could a lvl 10 still get exp from it?
  11. I never used soulshots in classic. Was always poor, so this is a perfect L2 classic clone.
  12. What's a bleep TI server?
  13. If everyone is getting less drops/adena whats the big deal? Shouldn't the economy show lower prices for items if all drops/adena is lower?
  14. I've got one for sale. It's high grade suede though, not steel.
  15. huh? I was asking for a price check, I didnt say anything about it being high?
  16. ^^^ Also, whose stupid idea was it to limit world chat to 1 per day or whatever it is.
  17. Man, I remember grinding for hours upon hours just trying to find a full item I could sell back during classic.
  18. Last night I found a few wooden armor pieces and a leather armor recipe. I haven't seen where people usually setup shop, so I'm curious what should I be keeping and what should I be vendoring? I assume I should vendor the wooden armor since everyone gets that during a quest anyways.
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