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  1. Now what?

    How would you refund Ncoin and VIP purchases?
  2. Which mobs are you farming?

    I've just been kinda running around trying to find an OK spot to farm whites. Which mobs are you farming/spoiling?
  3. Best duo + scavenger?

    What goes good with scavenger? A SE or EE, and what else?
  4. Was thinking this had to be a summoner type class.
  5. Authenticating by IP

    lol goodluck with that. You'll ask your ISP support for a static IP address and they'll have you reboot the modem, run a speedtest, try hardwired instead of wifi then schedule a field tech next month to arrive somewhere between monday-friday 8AM-8PM.
  6. Best duo with an EE?

    I've got a dwarf and elf knight around mid 20's with an to-be EE buffer. It's pretty slow going and the spoiling on the dwarf is abysmal. What's a good farming class that can pair well with an EE?
  7. Best duo with an EE?

    damn thats a lot for fish lol. Maybe I'll make an SE to 25 only for the empower than too.
  8. Best duo with an EE?

    I could fish for the fish though. dont you get xp for fishing?
  9. Best duo with an EE?

    spellsinger? How is soloing with it? Have you grouped at all?
  10. Best duo with an EE?

    Ill just eat fishes for empower
  11. Best duo with an EE?

    I think I'll try out spellsinger
  12. Best duo with an EE?

    Hmmm I haven't played a caster yet really. Imma take a look at that
  13. Let's say you have a VIP 4 and a VIP 1 in the group. How would drops work? Are drops at 50% extra? Or 10% extra?
  14. How does VIP %+ drops work for groups?

    How are the actual drops done in group? Is it first of the group who grabs it? Round robin? Master looter?
  15. Somethin is definitely WRONG here

    Sounds off lol. 1 spoil per hour isn't right. Even if you're just casting spoil once without making sure it landed you'd still be getting more than 1 spoil per hour. Something is wrong or you're grossly overestimating that 1 per hour figure.
  16. Best weapon for a Swordsinger??

    1h blunt with shield?
  17. Polearm or 1h blunt?

    1h for solo, polearm for aoe party?
  18. Do rogues get any better?

    Early 20's rogue, I miss quite a bit of auto attacks and I stopped even trying to use mortal strike - it has like a 15% chance to actually hit.
  19. Yeah I think so. Anyone who says they're 54 is lying and/or cheated. 26 is the real legit highest lvl.
  20. I'm lvl 26, pretty sure that's the highest on talking island.
  21. Trying to find a place I played back at release, I remember I was a human
  22. What town do Humans start in?

    Nope, go into that kitchen and grab yourself a big bowl. And spoon. Now fill that big bowl with shit. A bunch of shit. Now go ahead and just take that spoon and starting eating. Eat a bowl of shit
  23. What town do Humans start in?

    Do you have a kitchen in your home?