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  1. I agree , we've had too many problems, bug, DC, email verification problem, SUPER LAG, so we deserve 2 more weeks of event @Juji@Hime
  2. We have experienced a lot of lag, off-the-top, email verification failures, which have prevented us from enjoying anniversary celebration events. Therefore, WE REQUEST EVENT EXTENSION, Baium Fest and Dice mini game! EXTENCION FOR 2 more weeks. Thank you @Juji
  3. +1 I agree, with what HammerForge said.
  4. They can put restrictions so that does not happen. but it is totally unfair that you cannot trade it to characters from your own account.
  5. It should be tradable at least in characters within the same account. It's not fair to spend money on ncoin and not be able to use the talisman on the characters you want
  6. Aden Talisman must be TRADABLE At least it should be tradeable between characters within the same account. I have spent my money on ncoin and I can't even use the talisman on the character I want. It should be tradable AT LEAST IN CHARACTERS WITHIN THE SAME ACCOUNT
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