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  1. 84 - 85 is bugged

    I dont feel the need to be or try to be usefull like you do
  2. 84 - 85 is bugged

    We dont need ur useless informations to tell us whats already been told
  3. event abuse

    in giran server some ppl ( u can check who by the rewards and the tickets purchasing) abuse the event by using adrenaline scrypts to click all the rewards in 5 sec from 3000 to 0 from separate characters.
  4. When will you remove the blessed soulshots.? And will happen to tye existing ones.? Will they remain or dissapear.?
  5. Can u plz inform us where these blessed soulshots recipes and accesorize hats with stas++ drop ? Bcz there is nothing in patchnotes @Juji
  6. So where is the patch preview.? Or is it that frintezza is the son of baium.? ...
  7. Armor enchant succed Rate . (+5 to +6)

    Gj, keep enchant pl gloves
  8. Pendants

    I did pay for this item and it doesnt work
  9. Pendants

    Will they ever fixed.? Fire pendant critical rate bonus at lvl 3 seems to only affect the base critical and not if are buffed etc (same does the othell rune too) and water does insane dmg even without using weapon ignoring mdef. Also lvl 70 transformation cost 2 e.stones but in the description it says 1

    Nice maitenance, nothing works , nothing fixed, u cant even open a topic in entire forum except this channel, u cant get access to your account because verification code never sent to your account.
  11. WTB Recipes

    WTB Recipes 1KK Each 1) Drake Leather Armor 2) Katana Mail "Anka
  12. WH in mrt

    wh in mrt doesnt working , will it be fixed or no problem because we can buy or wh from the store with real money?
  13. quest for pk removal

    is it fixed yet or no problem because we can buy pk scroll from store with real money ?
  14. Critical Rate Bug

    bla bla bla , dude, if i have 200 critical without focus or 50 critical or 10000000000000000 critical its my problem. IN ALL 3 CASES FOCUS SHOULD ADD 30% ON MY CRITICAL AS THE DISCRIPTION SAYS, as it is on every server out there private or not.
  15. Magic Tablets for NCoins

    why to help you dude? because u cant farm it ? so lets add zaken too wheres the problem ? both items are condent of this update and they are unfarmable at the moment, so lets add them both to the store... omg ..