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  1. Since you add transformation event how about add the extactions scrolls too.?
  2. There is a bug where u cant use a golden special fruit lvl1 while a dragon special elixir is in effect, although you can at lvl2.
  3. Server is fine, no reason to bring back adena from mats,recipes. This will mostly make bots richer
  4. Gj making maintenance just on serious rewards of the event. Also how about to answer some questions regarding patch update like u motivate us to do.?
  5. I Felt free to post them on forum, can u also feel free to answer me before update goes live ?
  6. I have questions about changes taking place during the maintenance. 1) Will the cap of max +5 stat from dyes change to +12.? 2) Will TOI mobs change as well and TOI ring (similar to DV Earring) exist.? (And how can we obtain this item) 3) No drop from PK when u die by another player, but what if u die from mob while u are in karma.? 4) What will be the rewards from oly now that mark of battle are gone.? Only that potions after battle.? Or some other item as well to trade for book/enchants etc
  7. Thx for understanding bro, although i didnt spent real money for these events
  8. You really shouldnt talk about that while you ask me whats the point of posting this when i already have answer that saying "share your adventures". So that was the reason, son
  9. U ask your self if u understand or not.? Well thats new..
  10. Every time worst and worst Letter event, i was looping 24/7 opened arround 3-4k boxes, and guess what, 1 common lifestone (200k adena) was the rarest reward. Frintezza "event" , opened 400 boxes, guess what, lost arround half of my adena based on the rewards i got and obtained 3 dolls out of 400 box. Then bought more 7, and all failed. Cloak "event" 20x legendary scroll all failed Share your adventures about l2casino game
  11. 1)Is it a mistake that scroll and talismans cant be traded and its going to be fixed.? 2)Does this talismans work in oly.? 3)Is it a mistake that hats dont work in oly and its goint to be fixed.?
  12. I dont feel the need to be or try to be usefull like you do
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