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  1. Critical Rate Bug

    can we have an official answer here? because i was playing skelth and it wasnt like this.......
  2. Critical Rate Bug

    Nop, it doesnt work as intended and focus doesnt work like this.
  3. That hardcore experience... why u ppl came in this server if u want to boost everything.? Just go to an already boosted pvp server than stay here and asking for more and more runes all the time..
  4. Critical Rate Bug

    After calculate it a bit, seems like focus ignore the critical u get by pendant AND rune, while it shouldnt. Now it only calculates your base critical.
  5. Critical Rate Bug

    Anyone.? This is important
  6. Solution about Bots

    Tell that to Apex mr senior
  7. Divine Boots Rec

    eu classic wiki says that mob ossiud drops recipe: divine boots and it is located in cruma 2nd floor, i run the entire floor but didnt find it, any ideas ? or is it another mob that drops it in our version?
  8. Critical Rate Bug

    i have 355 crit rate with othell and pendant and 397 when i add focus lvl 3. focus lvl 3 should add +30% of the 355, arround 460 critical, but insteand it only adds 42 critical.
  9. Solution about Bots

    bot, plz seems like you dont let me explain something to you, cheating and botting may be different thing, but u can ban the pc in both cases, cu later bots
  10. Solution about Bots

    Apex Legends ( New Battle Royal Game ) developed an anti cheat that if u caught cheating your entire pc is banned from the game, even if u change IP, Hard Disc, Make Format or anything else you will auto banned again in the next 30 min of gameplay.
  11. This guy hopes to make billions of adena selling names, but this isnt bad for his reputation. Cant stop laughing
  12. Elven Mithril Set

    y i ve seen them too thats why i ask, can we have an official answer . ?
  13. Elven Mithril Set

    Up @Juji
  14. Disconnects

    This last week i experiencing disconnects in the background clients (tabbed) if i dont switch to them once a while but not on the one i am active. Any1 else.? Any solution.?
  15. Elven Mithril Set

    Does this banana set give also mp regen +5.26% or just speed+7 qnd wit+1 as adressed.?