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  1. WTFast

    nice to hear, i had create a topic about this
  2. Connectivity Issues Update - 1/15

    so after 7 dayz of downtime on an oficial server , you have no clue whats going on. because this isnt illegitimate traffic, bcz there are no lags and no disconections, we are just unable to login from certain ip adresses ps NOONE can ddos a server for 7dayz nonstop.
  3. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    1) Estimate time for fix.? 2) Is it safe to use VPNs like other ppl suggested as solution or we risk a ban.? 3) Reconsider to give something else than a useless angel cat (only to ppl that have the login problem) and based on what they lose each day. ONLY Official answers, keep it clean, thx.
  4. bug when u swim

    I cant remember but it happened to me in 3 different locations so probably its not about geodata
  5. lvl 55 exp bug

    i need an official answer, thx also if u take a look at the exp curve u will see yourself that it doesnt stand
  6. lvl 55 exp bug

    lvl 55 exp need is more than the next levels
  7. bug when u swim

    breath starting to count even if u are on the surface while it should start when u are underwater
  8. Bug After Maintenance

    after maintenance most of the times u cant link 2 weapons in one sentence or if ur sentence is more than 1 line some words are missing...
  9. Recipie: Spirit staff (60%) Bugged

    hahahah omg
  10. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, December 5, 2018

    ban this guy for spam, thx
  11. WTT Atuba Hammer For Ghost Staff

  12. WTS/T SB: Greater Might

    Close plz
  13. WTS/T SB: Greater Might

    Im interesting in adena or for other books for DA,PP,EE,SPH
  14. WTT Atuba Hammer For Ghost Staff