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  1. Iss doomcryer has stronger buffs for lowbies. Feoh is pretty cool to aoe pve.
  2. I decided to keep going for Eternal. I compared the p.def of paulina's hv armor to the Twilight one, and the Twilight is far better (raw P.def). Even Imperial armor has a slightly more raw P.def than Paulina.
  3. That's exactly what I did. LUL
  4. I came back playing recently and I'm doing dailies quests everyday (those ones of 550k) with more 4 toons I did to help. I have right now 600kk and my goal is to get a r99 heavy set (my main char is tank). I need at least 2B to get a clean set, it'll take so long. I'm willing to get a seraph set, because I'm just tired to see Paulina in my inventory. I don't to screw up, because I never gathered that amount of adena before. Is it good to get seraph or should I keep focused on getting eternal? P.S: My main char is lvl 99.
  5. procuro uma CP BR que jogue a partir das 22:00 regularmente. Sou um tanker Human Knight Lv 23.
  6. you should create a topic with this post. lol
  7. I am more and more disgusted of this game
  8. Why so many clients boxes are allowed? I heard someone saying proudly he has 9 boxes logged, while legit players are struggle in queue to log in and have fun. Look in Party Matching, how many groups looking for members have there? Much less than a 6k player base server should be, because 4k chars are just alt toons or afk ones. For real, this is a MMO, you need to interact and play with real players (or should be this way) not opening 9 freakings boxes and play a full party of alt toons, if you like to be solo so why the hell are u doing playing lineage 2? If u like that much, go play those tr
  9. I think they should create a new server, clearly everyone wants to play in TI server, but not so many can. Aden was light now it's already normal. I totally agree with restart server at least once a day, so people who really wants to play get a chance to log in without waiting 4+ hours. Even vip players are facing queue right now.
  10. 4 hours in queue and in the end: IT FINALLY WORKED!
  11. indeed, they should end any kind of afk farm.
  12. I can't believe you read but couldn't understand. XDD
  13. at least it works, what did u expected?
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