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  1. Pack

    Will anyone answer me or No one cares Any Developer here ?
  2. Pack

    Yesterday i brought prestige pack for 15$ and it wasnt for Classic servers and my friend told me i can change it for Classic or somehow get Back money is it possible i brought it with credit card (i play only on classic
  3. Solution: 'Client will be closed'

    I know you guys dont have a time for anything (you are doing your job fixing bugs and rates) but please do something about queue i alredy wait 2 hours in Queue and its still 64 character in line its tooo much to wait if i have in day 6 hours to play i must wait 2 hours watching queue screen ? its not fair pls do something about that !!!! (its not a bug i want every player who can read it to discuss this topic)
  4. Disconnect

    Same problem Its not funny 4x time
  5. Quest Rewards BUG

    will anyone fix that i am waiting alredy 8 hours for you to fix this bug
  6. Wrong XP loss by death

    The same happened to me WTF