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  1. I will have to agree with the others here, keeping the 50% adena/drop rate at least more like permanent is worth for the lies you told us all this months and the really bad communications and managment towards a fanbase that came to you guys with open arms but you shoved us away. It even made me spend a little just to keep vip4 for one more month but if you go down again the same road not only i will stop paying a dime but also stop playing at all. Its just a single setting that wont hurt anyone and will help the average joe that doesnt play in a cp with russian drivers playing 24/7 being
  2. You are the the reason in its purest form that bots/adena sellers exist in this game so much. Good riddance and please never touch another mmorpg in your life ever again. Sayonara
  3. Its so weird to see so many people blame in game and forums the bots. 95% of the bots are to farm Adena to sell on the market for real money($). So if they are so many it means someone is keep buying those adena and makes demand. You all blame an imaginary enemy when the real enemy of the game is its real players itself. Same story with ppl blaming EA for microtransactions and they made 1billion$ from micro only ifrom Fifa. You guys are a joke, you deserve the worst from companies and they treat you right. Dont cry
  4. Same thing happened with zaken Live server. Players went there farmed everything on a dead server and just waited for a merge so they can have "pvp" with players that couldnt even go a single epic from wars. NO MERGE! Stay there and rot
  5. Its just Fermi Paradox becouse you dont see how many weapons already broke to try to make those ones. Rates are normal without "glitch" and also stop being jealous for pixels..
  6. I know i will get banned once again for saying this on forums but to me me this is the biggest PROOF that you are somehow involved with Bots and RMT. I had this idea when you raised the adena on AOE farm places where many russian adena sellers farm their adena and how little you did to block the chat in the cities. Also there are the same bots on Ivory Crater and every day i report them with many random active players but they are still there. I usually support NC even at their worst but this Clown Fiesta needs to stop or mister Juji you will need to add in your CV that you killed anothe
  7. NCWEST PLAYER BASE: Is this an off season Aprils fools joke? NCWEST: DoNt You GuyS HaVe CrEdIt CaRdS? Path of exile all the way babe.. its a good replace for l2 addicts and really good company! bye bye Nc
  8. I think your brain is officially dead, i post you screen from classic patch notes and you throw all this nonsense about RMT,live server,prelude.. why i even bother with this braindead community
  9. https://imgur.com/a/DkVLNUd Is it so hard to read patch notes?
  10. Anything you buy that is vaming related and its just some pixels and not a physical item is at your own risk. Launch packs has nothing to do with the rates of the server. Rates as i said are based on the model of the game. I am not defending NC since i say openly they suck but what you guys say its crazy too
  11. Juji has stated many times that rates are as intenteed becouse the model is F2P. Dont compare other regions that their model is P2P. Also dont ask for montly sub. They were very clear in GOD launch that the game will remain F2P till the end
  12. Glad to know NC bans a portion of the bot users. Good riddance imo, bye
  13. No haterino just my opinion, noone will believe 100% that you are clean even if you post a video on utube crying for your locked account. Theres no way to prove that to us whatever dramatic sigh you use, you have to understand that. Personally i been playing this game on live nonstop since 2012 and there was always stories of ppl getting "locked out" but never happened to me or any friend that i knew they were clean. Anyway good luck woth your appeal and hope juji wont unban again proven botters like back in the day. Yeah martelX i am talking to you
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