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  1. Migration free

    There are lots of people that wants to play Aden server but they are already 20+. Please make migration free between Classic servers, that way you might solve the heavy status and the impossible login to the TI server.
  2. Adena/drop x0.25?

    Yoyu guys can follow my other post of this kind. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/4042-something-is-seriously-wrong-with-adenaexp-rate/?tab=comments#comment-31896
  3. I'm killing Greystone Golems and Maraku werewolves chieftain in the Northern Region, they give me around 420 exp and around 25 adena. When I go kill some Kasha Imp, they give me around 80 EXP and between 40 and 80 adena. You guys are having terrible issues around the server. Hope you can fix this madness. Less ADENA Less EXP
  4. Everyone is getting 0.25 adena and drop compared to a traditional x1 rate server. Doing every quest will only give you 20k when you reach level 20. Plus, you are selling extra adena/drop/spoil for cash. If you guys don't fix this, you will end up losing every player, do not miss this chance to bring old Lineage 2 back from the death.