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  1. I'm sorry but I think you should inform yourself better, GMT -5 to GMT -2 is South America ... not GMT -8. GMT -8 is more for the western zone of the United States ...
  2. Only one window is not an option ... they would have to modify GoD as well ... But a GMT -3 server and allow the free passage of characters, would be ideal ....
  3. I have 12 hours with the only non-VIP character that I have .... 115...
  4. I have a VIP and there is a queue for that too, it is obvious that the server is too saturated and it does not seem that ncsoft cares ... There is an announcement on twitter that they are seeing a failure in the purchase of "launch pack", but the problem with the saturation ... nothing ... VIP is not the solution, there are many free that can not even enter to be VIP. And the more people who become VIP, more difficult it will be to enter ... even for VIPs ...
  5. 5 hours? in Talking Island (with the dwarf that I have free) they are already waiting 12 hours
  6. I hope so, Aden does not interest me, and I'm only going to move if my VIP PJ moves for free, many in Talking Island are in the same situation. They will not leave, a lot of effort to throw away, and money ... NCSOFT are not agile to see the problems coming, it is obvious that if you solve the problem of the error that closes the client, the queue would be longer. They have a paid service to move characters from one server to another .... in this case, taking into account the lack of agility to handle the issue, they should create a GMT server (-5 to -2), and allow free transfer
  7. Entiendo tu punto, pero que impide hacer maquinas virtuales y ejecutar el juego?, es un juego que demanda muy pocos recursos... o usar una PC y una notebook...? Lineage 2 originalmente se creo para usar un solo Player, pero ahora usas el cliente de GoD, osea que si pones restricción en este, pones restricción en aquel también... no es tan simple el tema... Si hicieras un bloqueo por IP, no podrían jugar dos personas por domicilio por ej, necesitarías una IP publica para cada jugador.... Te hablo en español por tu nombre I speak to you in Spanish because I think yo
  8. I do not plan to put a single dollar more on the server ... they proved not to be up to the circumstances ... My friends have no interest in getting frustrated to enter to play, they do not want to start their characters from 0 on a server with a completely unchecked time ... and I do not intend to spend VIP on another server, just because they do badly. things... We are 8 and 4 we have 2 vip accounts each, in a week and a half, they took away the desire to play ...
  9. not even like that, if you're vip, it has a vip queue ... whatever you do ... you'll have to queue ... I'm playing on "talking island"
  10. Surely, I'm in "Talking Island"
  11. The queue is smaller than the free accounts, close to 200 users ... but slow
  12. It's true, I'm VIP 1 with some friends and we had to queue.
  13. all wait in queue, not for tier
  14. So, you open a new server with the same schedule as Talking islan, then, if people leave the game, you merge both servers, it's not something they have not done ... Propose permanent "solutions" for momentary problems?
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