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  1. This is the most stupid update ever with both equipment no restrictions and clan size. The previous clan size for a level 11 clan was 200 then you reduced it to 140 (20 elite). Now around 70. This is so bad. Does the game want to reduce the numbers of regular players? If you are not hardcore and playing 5+ hours per day, it is no room for you in a good clan. Time to wake up as a company?! This game is 15 years old. Many of us who has played during the years, even started young age, have now real life commitments such as work and family. It is no way to play hardcore any longer. I am afraid to say, you might lose a lot of the player base. Also, to mention if you are looking to only get younger players in to the game, they might still living at home and have no money to spend on L2 store. By reducing (again!!) the number of clan members most likely going to reducing paying customers from the game. It is bad for the players, the game and your business. Just my opinion.
  2. Ertheia Dual Class

    Play that class you want, and not what other tell you to do. In the end of the day, it is your game and that you shall enjoy. I think, it is a good idea to go summoner as you can share your equipment, even as robe user. When it comes to summoners, to be plain, it doesn't really matter what kind of armor you are using, so long it is bloody (PvE). Bloody goes straight over to your servitors with your self buff (lvl 99 skill) "sharing equipment", and not needed to be converted first. For your bloody retributer, goes straight to your servitors too with the skill. It is a really fun class to play!
  3. For PvP:ers: In two-ways wars only, start with a static XP gain (plus party bonus) when you or your party killing a war tagged opponent. Also, the dead opponent will not lose any XP and neither gain. In this way, keep it interesting for players who love to PvP and they can fully enjoy the game for what it is. For PvE:ers: Increase variation of high end XP places and as well, increase XP for players who are currently level 105+. As you were saying, you removed the leveling cap, but making it nearly impossible to gain any XP at higher levels. Many players have stop playing, as it is nothing else to gain XP wised. It seemed utterly useless to grind for several hours or a day for only 0,01 % in a total gain. To play with an alt can get in short term some fun, but in the end of the day, it's the main character they have spent the time with. Please, take this in consideration, it is probably one of the main reasons you are losing players as well as customers. How to keep the game alive? Attract the game for your current players too. More places to XP with increased XP gain for high end PvE:ers. When both PvP:ers and PvE:ers are happier = NcSoft will become happier (?) to keep your customers client base to move forward.
  4. 1. Where you're from Sweden. 2. Char name and class Eljudne Aeore Eva's Saint/UNI Master 3. Original server Erica 2004. Changed server (did not moved main toon) to Teon/Naia from c3 to the launch of GoD. Now, Chronos 4. Level and % today 104/102 5. How many times did you quit and come back? Had a break at least 8 times. In the old days, was a more of a hardcore gamer. Now - casual/regular player.