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  1. Dude, don't worry. This will NEVER happen simply because TI, Aden and Giran are running A DIFFERENT VERSION OF THE GAME compared to Naia and Chronos. It is IMPOSSIBLE to make this happen with current versions.
  2. I'm a ISS Dominator and have always had a macro to apply the Frenzied Sonatas like this: /useskill Combat Frenzy /useskill Marching Frenzy /useskill Relax Frenzy After Salvation, the Frenzied Sonatas were replaced by the Drumbeats and then I changed my macro to this: /useskill War Drum /useskill Marching Drum /useskill Soothing Drum Ok, everything works wonderfully until I use Dominant Flag (in the current translation: Vanguard of Baylor). When the flag is up, if I use my Melodies macro, it works perfectly and buff the old Dominator fr
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