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  1. Word salad!!! - I spent a few seconds trying to unscramble it... its beyond my comprehension.
  2. Ill add a post for you.... but I havnt played in weeks. Just stopped by to see if they fixed adena. Ha! I'll probably never help with those server numbers again. I was a little dissapointed, but then I saw the level 71. Haha! The support for this game is so bad it will be migrated into one server in a couple months and dead in a couple more. What a shame. =/
  3. If I netted 3 weapons from the event maybe I'd still be playing. As it is I did it on 3 accounts everyday till two days ago and got nothing. Your three weapons are probably worth more than all the adena I made from playing to level 50 on two accounts. I also did the Aden dungeon quest and opened something like 100 of those boxes and didnt get a weapon armor jewelry or spellbook box one time. Hence why I quit playing. The only way to feel like you are progressing in this game is get lucky. Fun.
  4. Their job isn't tough at all.... They post on a forum once every few days.
  5. Do they seriously never know what the actual date is? Or are they constantly trolling us?
  6. Thanks Devoid. Confirms my own suspicions. I just didn't have the patience to document it. I also don't really have the patience to wait for a fix. Level 40+ feels like I hit a brick wall and only way around it is getting lucky with Halloween or Aden dungeon boxes for a top D or C grade weapons. Of which I have opened at least 50 and my luck left me with 2 Dimensional Blessings (nice but just gonna make me higher level without appropriate gear) 1 EWC and a few EAC's. Some people open their first one and get a weapon worth 15mil. That's probably 3x more than I have made yet from level 1
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