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  1. Drop Rates

    Exp level is OK, hard but ok. drops didn't exist. we will see 40+ ppl with no grade equips.
  2. Disconect after 30 min QUEUE

    Impossible to log in. waiting 800ppl on queue to get disconnect before start the game. So i need to enter on queue again. CLAP
  3. Future: Dark Elves Quest Bug

    Same thing here, after i finish my 1job (Human wizard) the Cleric quest still open to get.
  4. Wrong XP loss by death

    loss 10%, i thought 4% was the right
  5. Quest Rewards BUG

    All initial quest what we can chose "soulshots" or "spiritshots" brings soulshots everytime.. Im mage with 3000 soulshots right now.
  6. Shillien Knight

    There is l2 wiki classic to see the skills