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  1. Power, m Skill critical rate is unfortunately capped at 33% for feoh even though stat reads 500 or 50%. Skill critical rate will benefit you 0.
  2. Drop rate calculation bugged?

    You do know with the last update that drops in all hunting areas under 107 are nerfed right? Any hunting area that was introduced in Fafurion update except for FoS and FoW has been nerfed substantially. This is to help protect from the farmer bots, even though they still are happening. It's NCSofts not so polite way of saying "move up, or move out."
  3. Patch notes will come on the 32nd of October.
  4. Defense Cursed Swords in Chronos - 22 oct 2019

    https://youtu.be/v1EViKa3qC0?t=145 I'm curious if this is a common thing or it was video editing. You died with full hp/mp/cp.
  5. 2 things. 1. If NCSoft thinks that limiting clients to 3 is stopping the bots from logging in 1000 clients they are just naive. 2. If anyone thinks people log in low level macro toons to make 400 adena per monster they are also naive. Unless you log in 1000, in which case, see point number 1. LoC is about as low as you can go to earn adena and even with a 30 to 50b investment you're only going to make 750m a day.
  6. News from Korea

    https://youtu.be/1rcDiQKg1FI?t=869 No Claws in mammon. Brooch jewels can be crafted now, 1 level 1 per day, so not really a big help.
  7. Remove spawn in pavel ruins and gog completely permanently. Just a bot haven. Just a dream but maybe have a GM log into game to do something other than troll us with GM buffs and do you damn jobs and check for bots. The 2000 summoners running around with jibberish names is kind of a dead giveaway. 15 minutes of your time to show your community that you still care is too much to ask though.
  8. spoiler

    Prestige Rune does, adds 100% chance to spoil. So if something is 1% chance to spoil, you now have a 2% chance to spoil the same item.
  9. Feoh and Autotarget

    You have to drag your macro over the right hand side where the attack skill is in the auto hunting window. Open your macros and just drag and drop over that. Then your macro should appear there instead of the attack symbol.
  10. M Critical rate

    If your m critical rate is over 333 you have already hit the cap. Even though the stat can go up to 500 there is a hard cap at 333 meaning that you should be crits 1/3 hits unlike melee who's is 1/2 at 500. Focus on m critical damage instead of rate.
  11. Exalted Quest

    I found the answer. You can replace the old quest with the new one at NPC in hunters. Just FYI.
  12. Exalted Quest

    Has anyone completed the quest Confronting the Greatest Danger since the update? I'm not trying to do dimensional raids because of 1. I'm never on when they are happening and 2. I'm super lazy. Patch notes said that you could do 20k mobs in Refinery but it days in addition to the quest, not a substitution. Does anyone know?
  13. If you announce the maintenance and planned it, can it really be called "unscheduled"?
  14. WTB R99 Heavy Stuff

    WTB +10 R99 Heavy Breastplate, Helm, Boots. Will consider blessed/Dark/Bloody for the right price. Mail/Pm Babayagas in-game. WTS Crafting Materials for Dragon weapon. Weapon Fragments, Wire, and Coke. Weapon Fragments and Cokes all level 5, Wire mostly level 5 with some level 4's.
  15. Krishna Limited Weapon Glows

    They have normal glow up to a certain point. There are new higher level glows at +2x and 3x I forget what exactly they are. I know +21 has a good blue/black glow, +30 is deep red and black.