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  1. Skill Power - how it work?

    I think they were providing you with a link so that you could look up the information yourself. Everything you asked is in the links they provided. It took less then 2 minutes for me to find it. Here is your answer since you can't look for yourself. 655 MP *1.15 = 735MP restored when enchanted to +15 power. /Math If you look at the difference in Pattack of an iss or tyrr you will see that very rarely do they break 1M pattack, but if you look at a feoh it is often well over 1m Mattack. Adding 40k power to their pattack is still smaller then adding 150 power to mattack for feoh, because the BASE numbers are so different. P.S. And I forgot to mention. I know Feoh/Mages used to be a linear damage toon, meaning you had to increase mattack by 4x to increase your damage 2x, where all melee is 1x for 1x. Can anyone still confirm this? This also makes a HUGE difference in how you factor in damage dealt.
  2. gifting with low lvl champs

    Most of the stuff in L2 store is 85 or 86+ items for the same reason Skolex said. RMT prevention.
  3. Faction Level HELP

    you're factions from main to duel remain the same, you don't have to do them on each. Many people often take the quest on the main and switch to duel or vice versa depending on level and what the party needs. It also helps you level a duel if you are lazy like me.
  4. WTB Topic

    WTB: Bloody Amaranthine Weapon Stones 400m each. COD/Mail/pm SchrodingersCat in game please.
  5. I would be really interested in this actually. This could either be good for our game by bringing in new people because Russia runs events differently than US does, mainly cheaper. With that though we get all the problems ie. Bot farmers and adena spammers. To be honest I doubt any company this day in age is willing to spend any decent kind of money for a 15 year old game that has already lost 99% of its potential for future growth.
  6. I think what bugs me the most about this isn't the fact that they cap it so dragon weapons are still viable. What really grinds my gears about it is the SS damage capped at 21%, +30 weapons is 31% but clearly you can see from the picture Draecke post its 21.00% as well. That .7% actually matters.
  7. WTB Topic

    Still looking to buy.
  8. Word of caution though. Immobilized doesn't always mean what it says. Read this, its about the reduction part. Same can be said for increasing damage to immobilized opponents. *Warning Russian* https://4gameforum.com/threads/732094/
  9. Xigncode3 blocks Battleping :(

    I was getting constant disconnects with WTFast but only on 1 window. Packet loss was terrible. Running trace route it looked like it was my ISP. Contacted them and they told me I was the only one complaining about it. 4 tech and 1 supervisor visit later problem still persisted. Deleted WTFast and canceled subscription, 0 disconnects since. I'm no longer using and Ping reducing items. I can notice the lag difference but if I stop DCing all the time, I think it's worth it. If battleping works with windows 7 I might start using that instead.
  10. Dual class for Feoh Storm Screamer

    If you solo a lot, do another Feoh. You cannot take an overlord as a subclass, it is locked and must be a main only. If you party for most of your xp you can either do Feoh or Healer, everyone loves a healer. I will worn you that I have a Feoh/Feoh setup, StS main, Archmage Duel, and switching from main to duel is like night an day. StS is a BEAST of a mage, while I share all the same gear and most enchant levels for skills the Archmage is doing about 1/3 to 1/2 the damage the StS is. Personally I wouldn't use summoner, but if you use retributer on main its still a viable option. There are many different ways to build a summoner, Melee PvE or Mage PvE. I don't know which is better because it has been so long, but I can tell you that some of the top mage built summoners will dominate most people in Oly. Really up to you. Make an alt and try them out before you choose.
  11. Devils Isle mob DMG

    Yes, they hit you extra hard because you classic stuff in the wrong section of the forums.

    Don't listen to this. If you like the game don't quit playing. 93-99 in my opinion are the hardest levels to xp because there are very few parties hunting as well as all the hunting grounds are not very good for xp. Solo instances if you can or do a 5 person party max doing them. Open hunting areas are hard. 99 to 103 or 104 is actually easier for me than 93 to 99.
  13. I did explain this, with this sentence from my last post. Yes they are wrong in stating that its +200% when in fact it should either say +100% OR 200% or just 2x.
  14. That's not how NCSoft does math though. 100% = Normal Xp 200% = Double Xp Mathematically you are adding 100%+200% and getting 300%. Which in this case doesn't work. 100% for 1m xp is 1m xp, 200% for 1m xp is 2m xp. It isn't an increase of 200% its a static 200% BASE. I get the fact that they say +200% in the post, which is completely mathematically wrong of them to do. It should just say 200% xp.