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  1. Remove spawn in pavel ruins and gog completely permanently. Just a bot haven. Just a dream but maybe have a GM log into game to do something other than troll us with GM buffs and do you damn jobs and check for bots. The 2000 summoners running around with jibberish names is kind of a dead giveaway. 15 minutes of your time to show your community that you still care is too much to ask though.
  2. spoiler

    Prestige Rune does, adds 100% chance to spoil. So if something is 1% chance to spoil, you now have a 2% chance to spoil the same item.
  3. Feoh and Autotarget

    You have to drag your macro over the right hand side where the attack skill is in the auto hunting window. Open your macros and just drag and drop over that. Then your macro should appear there instead of the attack symbol.
  4. M Critical rate

    If your m critical rate is over 333 you have already hit the cap. Even though the stat can go up to 500 there is a hard cap at 333 meaning that you should be crits 1/3 hits unlike melee who's is 1/2 at 500. Focus on m critical damage instead of rate.
  5. Exalted Quest

    I found the answer. You can replace the old quest with the new one at NPC in hunters. Just FYI.
  6. Exalted Quest

    Has anyone completed the quest Confronting the Greatest Danger since the update? I'm not trying to do dimensional raids because of 1. I'm never on when they are happening and 2. I'm super lazy. Patch notes said that you could do 20k mobs in Refinery but it days in addition to the quest, not a substitution. Does anyone know?
  7. If you announce the maintenance and planned it, can it really be called "unscheduled"?
  8. WTB R99 Heavy Stuff

    WTB +10 R99 Heavy Breastplate, Helm, Boots. Will consider blessed/Dark/Bloody for the right price. Mail/Pm Babayagas in-game. WTS Crafting Materials for Dragon weapon. Weapon Fragments, Wire, and Coke. Weapon Fragments and Cokes all level 5, Wire mostly level 5 with some level 4's.
  9. Krishna Limited Weapon Glows

    They have normal glow up to a certain point. There are new higher level glows at +2x and 3x I forget what exactly they are. I know +21 has a good blue/black glow, +30 is deep red and black.
  10. Tyrrs as AoE DDs VS Archer/Feoh

    They have gotten better for the number of targets that they can hit but still, the damage gap is too great for them to be able to catch up.
  11. Made a video about the update coming next week with some info that was in the patch notes and a little bit NCSoft decided to leave out. https://youtu.be/fky8k2jDhwc
  12. Stage 3 = 120 claws Stage 2 = 60 claws Stage 1 = 50 claws 50+60=110 120-110= 10 Math
  13. Actually to add insult to injury on the whole stage 3 dragon weapon thing. When his fists got reverted to stage 2 that gave him 120 claws, he sent 10 to Zureil leaving him with 110 claws, he then upgraded his bow to stage 2 leaving him with 0 claws. When they reverted the bow and gave him back his stage 3 fists the 10 claws stayed with Zureil, so the GM's actually gave Truffle 10 free claws. Kinda bleeped up right?
  14. I find it funny that you call all the people who pay2win kids yet I don't know one kid who could afford to pay2win. We hear more crying from you about people wo pay2win then they cry having to spend to pay2win. And just an fyi, if you want to meet the "developers" you have to go to Korea. What we have here is nothing but an intermediary, they make almost no decisions about the progression of the game and are just following the orders of NCKorea. I personally think with the satisfaction of your customers, a meet and greet wouldn't be the best idea. Just my personal observations.
  15. No more New Items Please

    You're not the only ones who survived, just the only one who brags about it. Don't get mad at weiner for being able to play the market, learn to do the same. For instance, I was able to make a +12 Limited R110 weapon for less than 35B because I knew how to play the markets and knew what was coming before it got here. Some people can buy and sell the markets and make 100B in a week. Others spend 10k on events to gear themselves, each person has their own way to do things, neither is wrong, and you shouldn't get mad at each other for the differences. We all have 1 common enemy here, and its the greedy bastards on the receiving end of the L2 store.