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  1. I'm pretty sure that after the last 5 years of us bitching about number 1 on your list, I'm just going to assume that the official response is going to be "Working as Intended". I figured at this point its an actual game feature.
  2. feoh sts aoe encht. tip and a noob question aswell

    All your attack skills should go to Skill Power for the simple fact that your skill critical rate should already be maxed out at 333 mcrit rate or above. That mean you will critical attack roughly 1 in 3 attacks, which is max for feoh, unless you are rocking a dragon weapon stage 1 or higher. Wynn are very powerful from 85 to 99, but after 99 they start to not be as strong without an insane amount of gear. Wynn gear does not scale well at all, we're ours does very well actually.
  3. Really annoying....

    I'm not sure if it was DDOS, I had 0 connection issues today, which is out of the normal. I also logged 0 packet losses from NCSoft server, just from my isp.
  4. Incomplete, for the first time !

    You should read up on economics. If a country just prints a bunch of money that doesn't mean its worth anything. You are devaluing the face of the currency. Meaning all the new people complaining because they can't afford everything inflation will happen and they really won't EVER be able to afford anything. The flip side to that is you are also going to introduce a lot of "new" old gear, and my guess is most of those people are going to log in, strip that account, and cash out, so that might help the new people, but I doubt it. We're not talking about introducing a few Billion into the economy, I'm talking at least 1 Trillion being brought back un-banning everything. Still very much a no thanks, and this is coming from a guy who has banned accounts with good crap on them.

    While that dark elf statue made my eyes pop out of my head like an old roger rabbit cartoon, I still ain't paying 130+ dollars for that thing regardless of how well endowed she is.
  6. Incomplete, for the first time !

    So you want to give back all the old botted accounts? You do know how much adena that would bring into our already shitty economy? No thanks.
  7. Live & Classic Forums

    I think you need to improve the separation of the Forums between Classic and Live. Live forums are getting spammed by classic server people who obviously either can't read or are too lazy to scroll down half a page to post their question or issue in the correct section. Hell we even had a GM post something about classic server in Live forums. Make them 2 completely separate pages to lessen the chances.
  8. [News] Golden Compass Event

    Since all of this stuff is bound and un-tradeable suggest that you just make it permanent.
  9. Twich/YouTube/etc

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDtU9JcFgE6c4yPn2GHCwWQ Random PvE stuff. New series on making adena on Live servers, Episode 1 is live, E2 coming soon.
  10. Is there a plan to look into the constant DCing issue with many people? Are you planning on fixing or addressing the issue with BattlePing and your new anti-bot program not playing nice together? (I tend to think these issues are 1 in the same)
  11. "Rep." stat questions

    1. Cooldown for killing a red and getting a green name is 24 hours for the red toon. He/She cannot give out green name to more than 1 toon per 24 hours. Going red is unlimited. 2. Anything after 78 (IIRC) will give negative rep in clan war situation. So a level 110 can kill a level 78 wartag and transfer clan rep. If you are killing for green name I don't know if there is a level limit. 4. Yes.
  12. Disconnecting and need help

    I have noticed this as well, at least kind of, the client that I have active DC's WAY less often then the others in the background. So you might be on to something there. WTB VIP on Live? Damnit NCSoft, why is this crap so hard.
  13. Keucereus base defense bug

    PvP him?
  14. Disconnecting and need help

    Anyone have any ideas on this? I forgot to mention, its a hardline not wifi. I can't sell anything in town if I can't stay connected.
  15. Disconnecting and need help

    Yeah not that you mention it, I didn't have the problem before Xingncrap either. I wouldn't mind getting NCSofts official take on this because now I know I'm not the only one.