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  1. Discord

    Yes, but they are more toxic than forums. I would give you a link, but honestly it's better if people stay out of the cesspool of discord.
  2. In-Game Terrain Exploits

    Yeah, massive amounts of NCoin purchases give you the shield of protection from ban hammers.
  3. In-Game Terrain Exploits

    I see what you did there.
  4. The 2 changes I would like to see done to the PK system which wouldn't be too hard to do actually. 1. If you are red and you die, you loose xp according to how many PK's you have. 1% per pk. Now at lower levels no big deal. But a 110+ toon that makes a max of 1-2% a day with good boosts has 75 pk and dies red? That's gonna hurt. 2. Getting Blessed/Healer/Iss resurrected while dead does not bring back lost xp.
  5. They got a bigger hamster.
  6. Official % enchant success rate Scam?

    Well I guess I'll break this down for you a little bit easier. I know the rates are 98% or 96% and not compounding, but you also have to take that into consideration when doing it. If you want to take a skill from +0 to +5 and it starts at 98% and decreases 2% every + until +5. Thats 98,96,94,92,90. So final is 90% chance to succeed. Compounding means you have .98*.96*.94*.92*.90= 73.2243456% chance of going from +1 to +5. That's much different than just 90%. I wanna say I feel your pain, but try enchanting things going +5 that ALL have less than 50% chance, then tell me what the real pain is. Top Circlets are 50%, 45%, 40%, 30%, 15% to +5, with a staggering compound of 0.405% chance to go from +1 to +5, yet there are lots of +5's. Just kinda sucks.
  7. Official % enchant success rate Scam?

    It's called korean random. I've failed skill enchanting 5 times in a row with 98% Success rate, but I've also taken 4 pieces of +9 armor to +10 in a row with 0 fails, and that's a 10% Success rate. You'll get there eventually, just have to spend more unfortunately.
  8. Timed Instance recharge stones

    That's not the bug that is being described here. That is a very good tip for those who didn't know this trick though.
  9. Timed Instance recharge stones

    https://ibb.co/mTCZMfW https://ibb.co/6bZK46P I'm 100% sure that you were aware of the issue. Just look at the date on the conversation. Even if it wasn't 2x adena lets do some simple math. Good archers and mages (not top) can make about 750m an hour in there. 750M/H x 6 hours = 4.5B. Now say only about 10 people did this little hack. That's 45B adena per day since at least 1/15/2020 so 22 days 990B extra adena into the market, AND that's assuming they only did the IOS instance for 12 hours and didn't do Dino island for the other 12 hours. On top of all that, I only did the math for the additional 6 hours they were in the instance, not the original 6 too. Now I'm not an economics expert or anything, but adding almost 1T adena into the market is going to have some kind of effect on inflation, but hey, we can't replicate it so it doesn't exist.
  10. I have to agree with draecke on this one. Even playing on an archer you are affected by the attack speed delay by P-Attack arrows not being used properly, I can't even imagine what it's like right now for a melee toon.
  11. I don't know why so many people are up in arms and have their panties in a wad about this, you all do understand that we hill have Normal Maintenance on Wednesday, update on Thurday morning, Emergency maintenance thursday afternoon as well as friday morning then again on Saturday. We know things won't get done right the first time. Oh and don't forget about the terrible coding issues that will cause a lag that won't get fixed for the next 2 years.
  12. MS vs Felinty + NOVA [07 jan 2020]

    The first 20 minutes of this is black screen warrior fighting at its best. I didn't even watch the whole thing but it looks like Felinty was able to hold his own against 4 or 5 of you while you all attempted to black screen pvp him. If this is what pvp in L2 has been reduced to now it's just sad.
  13. Hypocrisy with fighter

    Your 2nd point isn't quite right. P-power and m-power are the same if you add 10% skill power to a yul he will hit 10% harder, if you add 10% skill power to a mage they will hit 10% harder. What I think you were referring to was patk vs matk. Where feoh has to add 5% mattack to increase damage by 1%. Old scales before GoD were linear like you are speaking about, they are no longer that way. Melee isn't the same, most are roughly 3% for 1% output. The issue is skill power, there are more items to increase P-Skill power and Physical skill critical damage and M-Skill power and Magical Skill critical damage. Also the Crit Rate cap you speak of is correct but a little bit squeed. Magic Skill critical rate is 33.3%, yes, HOWEVER you do not hit that 33.3% cap until you MCritical rate in your stats window reads 500. It's a very weird thing, but has been tested time and time again. What screws everything up is archers. The P critical rate in stats window does not effect Skill critical rate for them. So at 500 critical rate they can still skill critical 100% of the time based on items. There are a lot of people I know who have rerolled from mage to yul over the years. Even top feohs in korea and now in EU have rerolled since this update, and I'm talking stage 2 dragon weapon owners starting to reroll. It got serious.
  14. Greater Jewels Lv1~5

    Most of the info, website doesn't include rates. Which imo is a big factor. https://4r4m.com/en/l2-probabilities-nckr/ Type Level Probability Common 1 -> 2 50% 2 -> 3 40% 3 -> 4 18% 4 -> 5 7% Greater 1 -> 2 40% 2 -> 3 32% 3 -> 4 17.00% 4 -> 5 7%
  15. how do u learn to craft?

    You have to buy a recipe and be a dwarf, there are some recipes that you can learn on any class but most aren't worth the time. I would highly suggest against doing either for now though as next update the crafting system gets another revamp and 99% of the recipes go away with little to no compensation.