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  1. Exalted Quest

    I found the answer. You can replace the old quest with the new one at NPC in hunters. Just FYI.
  2. Exalted Quest

    Has anyone completed the quest Confronting the Greatest Danger since the update? I'm not trying to do dimensional raids because of 1. I'm never on when they are happening and 2. I'm super lazy. Patch notes said that you could do 20k mobs in Refinery but it days in addition to the quest, not a substitution. Does anyone know?
  3. If you announce the maintenance and planned it, can it really be called "unscheduled"?
  4. WTB R99 Heavy Stuff

    WTB +10 R99 Heavy Breastplate, Helm, Boots. Will consider blessed/Dark/Bloody for the right price. Mail/Pm Babayagas in-game. WTS Crafting Materials for Dragon weapon. Weapon Fragments, Wire, and Coke. Weapon Fragments and Cokes all level 5, Wire mostly level 5 with some level 4's.
  5. Krishna Limited Weapon Glows

    They have normal glow up to a certain point. There are new higher level glows at +2x and 3x I forget what exactly they are. I know +21 has a good blue/black glow, +30 is deep red and black.
  6. Tyrrs as AoE DDs VS Archer/Feoh

    They have gotten better for the number of targets that they can hit but still, the damage gap is too great for them to be able to catch up.
  7. Made a video about the update coming next week with some info that was in the patch notes and a little bit NCSoft decided to leave out. https://youtu.be/fky8k2jDhwc
  8. Stage 3 = 120 claws Stage 2 = 60 claws Stage 1 = 50 claws 50+60=110 120-110= 10 Math
  9. Actually to add insult to injury on the whole stage 3 dragon weapon thing. When his fists got reverted to stage 2 that gave him 120 claws, he sent 10 to Zureil leaving him with 110 claws, he then upgraded his bow to stage 2 leaving him with 0 claws. When they reverted the bow and gave him back his stage 3 fists the 10 claws stayed with Zureil, so the GM's actually gave Truffle 10 free claws. Kinda bleeped up right?
  10. I find it funny that you call all the people who pay2win kids yet I don't know one kid who could afford to pay2win. We hear more crying from you about people wo pay2win then they cry having to spend to pay2win. And just an fyi, if you want to meet the "developers" you have to go to Korea. What we have here is nothing but an intermediary, they make almost no decisions about the progression of the game and are just following the orders of NCKorea. I personally think with the satisfaction of your customers, a meet and greet wouldn't be the best idea. Just my personal observations.
  11. No more New Items Please

    You're not the only ones who survived, just the only one who brags about it. Don't get mad at weiner for being able to play the market, learn to do the same. For instance, I was able to make a +12 Limited R110 weapon for less than 35B because I knew how to play the markets and knew what was coming before it got here. Some people can buy and sell the markets and make 100B in a week. Others spend 10k on events to gear themselves, each person has their own way to do things, neither is wrong, and you shouldn't get mad at each other for the differences. We all have 1 common enemy here, and its the greedy bastards on the receiving end of the L2 store.
  12. No more New Items Please

    As a non "top 1%" person even I see the impact. Most of our server population has left due to an event after event feeding us hopes and dreams when in reality they are selling us crap and reduced rate enchants. I'm a top 10% kind of player. I have no hopes to reach those top 1% because even the difference between top 10% and top 1% is astronomical. I don't spend 1000's of dollars a month or even a year on this game. I've spent less than 2,000 USD on this game since GoD was released, which for a hobby IMO isn't bad. I've known people that spend more than that on a single event, THAT'S LUDACRIS! And more than a few of them have little to nothing to show for it. Remember Voo, rumor has it he spent 10k on trying to get a +10 Shiny shirt when the reward was a stage 2 dragon weapon. 10K!!! and that way years ago. This has spiraled out of control now. Didn't we just have an event where they released Dragon Jewels? The latest and greatest thing, only to be replaced a week or 2 later by this bull shit? Next, you're going to tell me that you have a new R115 grade weapon and armor and my brand new set is obsolete. Bring out the +10 Circlets or Power, Saha Talismans, Artifact system all at once and just get it over with already, and don't forget to hit the lights on the way out the door.
  13. https://www.lineage2.com/news/hardins-magic-bag#L2 For those of you that are too lazy to go to the home page.
  14. I'm confused about why you don't do both. SoS live if you have the gear for it and the right spot there is still some of the best xp in the game. So do your 2 hours of xp there as a 7 many party, then after you get ready to leave split into your 2 or 3 different parties and afk in tanor/alligator for the rest of the day. Best of both worlds.
  15. Cloak Enchant Success Rate

    Yeah, that was the point of me doing it. I am able to determine ROUGHLY that lady luck will strike on average every X amount of times. Combine that with the number of attempts between lady luck strikes and get the average of those 2. Laws of averages are kind of confusing.
  16. Cloak Enchant Success Rate

    There 100% is an effect and its not a myth. The higher luck you have the more chances you have of having lady luck strike and succeed an enchant. I have tested this with over 100,000 crafts. Because common mat upgrading does lady luck as well it was easy to test. I started with 55 Luck and did 10k lady luck crafts (crafting until lady luck strikes), average between lady lucks was 10.6 crafts per lady luck. Doing 10k the same say increasing luck by 1 each time all the way to 65. The average between crafts went down significantly. I can't share my work because it took me almost a year to do this, but trust me, the hard raw data doesn't lie. So this can indeed be used to your advantage BUT while lady luck chances change with luck rate sometimes the enchanting rate ITSELF it what sucks, like cloaks and circles.
  17. Molensa is back :)))))))))))))

    Nope, they joined sides with them.
  18. Cloak Enchant Success Rate

    I would have to agree with you that the enchant rates for this event seem to be booty. Although saying 0 new cloaks on the market is a little too far. Many people made +7's. I know that's not what Top end players are looking for, but 7 isn't bad for most of them.
  19. Is there any way for us to submit a ticket for this to be manually completed by the Support Team?
  20. I think the only one that we got for 1 month was the Vit 6 from that one event. I think he is talking about the current ones that indeed are 1 day jewels, but you can just get new ones every day, So kinda month I guess.
  21. Max NCoin purchase in 1 go

    I don't pay to play but I think the best way to buy Ncoin in PayPal. It is faster and more secure. You can always try to get your money back from NCSoft but at the end of the day, Paypal has a 0 bullshit policy on getting your money back. Also, you get your NCoin in a matter of minutes, with Credit Card it can take up to 24+ hours to receive your coins.
  22. cloak enchant rippoff

    I think its 61. But yeah, the difference to proc lady luck at 61 and 200 luc is like a .7% difference.
  23. Can I mail the Dev team and have them manually progress this on one toon? Its getting very annoying.
  24. How to get brooch

    Isn't there one of the starter quests, 85 and above in Aden that gives you a free 2 slot? I hope somebody knows the name of the quest because I need to do it as well.
  25. cloak enchant rippoff

    I wouldn't 100% agree with that, I know someone who is enchanting with 90 luck used 100 Scrolls and ended up with a + 2. I Enchanted a + 5 radiant circlet with less than 30 Scrolls, and I have 40 luck. Korean random is a thing. I'm not saying Max luck doesn't help but at the end of the day even the professional Gambler can possibly lose.