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  1. I'm out this is not hardcore. This is stupid.
  2. Issues Status Update - 10.8.2018

    Yep and that's part of the problem. Because you holding the spot of someone else who can play this time and by the time you back they will be done. But because people just sitting because they can't logging they holding spot on the server. See it's a loop, you can't login because 50% of the server afk and holding the spot but they do that because they can't login.
  3. Unpopular Opinion

    The bottom line is, we been promised a classic server so that's what we expecting. If ALL OTHER classics have bigger rates that we do than we not getting what was promised.
  4. Issues Status Update - 10.8.2018

    VIP is the answer.
  5. The Great Wall

    Dang. And people will pay. Sad.. Go Botters
  6. The Great Wall

    On the websites 1kk of Adena for EU classic is $1.5 so since it's a new server we will go for $3 for 1kk here. With current Adena drop you maybe will get 2kk if so, farming 24/7. Bot license $5-$10 dollars. If bot is 5$ you making whole $1 profit everything more than that you losing money)
  7. The Great Wall

    You all were asking for Anti-bot system, you got one. With this rates botters will not be using them on this server to farm Adena because it will no cover expense of buying a license.. Be careful what you wish for