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  1. Event Drop Rate

    I've been playing quite a bit since this "event" started, thinking I might finally get that spellbook that I've been trying to get since November, (LOL) what with a 100% increase in drop rate and all, I'm a cinch to get one right? Not a chance! If anything, the drop rates have gotten worse. I started with a level 33 character at the orc barracks. Prior to the event, I was getting full drops at the rate of about 3-4 per day (3-4 hours of playtime). Since the event started, I got 1. I then logged in my spoiler and went to sea of spores. In 3 hours of play, I managed to spoil one mob, and the only drop I saw, which was rare, was stem. I really don't think the drop rate has been increased. (but then again, 100% of 0 is 0). The only thing that seems to have been increased is adena. The rest is still bad, very bad.
  2. you were able to get into cruma?
  3. Spellbook Quest (Another Wish)

    Really? Please tell me how, because the most I can earn without cheating is about 100k per day. If I play more than 5 hours a day, That means I might make 1kk per week.
  4. Spellbook Quest (Another Wish)

    Who can afford DeathWhisper when it's 5 million or more? I saw a book yesterday on Aden server selling for 25 million (it was haste). I will never buy adena to buy a book. I guess we'll just keep grinding or just never have those skills...(sigh)
  5. Could NCSoft please add a quest or something for spellbooks? I've been trying for the better part of 10 levels to try to get spellbooks for my wife's character, namely Death Whisper. I've gotten a couple of Cubic books, and that's all. I've spent MONTHS at IT Crater, Sea of Spores, and the Aden Dungeon, all for naught. If NCSoft could add maybe a weekly quest to get a random spellbook, life wouldn't be so frustrating for everyone. I say weekly so that the market isn't flooded. Seriously, I can't do anything else because I'm spending all my time trying to grind for one book, and not getting any! PLEASE NCSoft, look at this request seriously.
  6. I Wish

    I would really love to see a "reboot" of Lineage 2. I would actually pay a subscription to go back in time and replay the game starting from Prelude. I thought that Classic would give a bit of that, but there's too many bots and other issues. I would love to replay the old quests, get a pet, and actually work for everything I get in the game. If NCSoft wants to make some money, they should considering doing that rather than allowing the trainwreck that is Classic to continue. Maybe for the 15th anniversary? Or is that already past? I started in C1, so, I would love to see what Prelude was like.
  7. I thought the whole purpose of creating Gludio server was to placate the SA contingent. I play on Aden server, and while the server has far more bots than real players, I am quite content. I don't want to have to try to translate every time I encounter a real person, not to mention the fact that it's hard enough trying to find mobs to fight through all the bots, why add more people to make things even worse? I think back to day one, when it took me almost an hour to get a blue gem, fighting through all the people just to find one mob. Until the bot problems get under control, there should be absolutely no talk about mergers.
  8. The drop rates from the EU L2 Classic Wiki seem to be pretty accurate as far as I can tell, at least up to level 44. The only thing I haven't spoiled that was supposed to spoil was a Blessed Spiritshot compressed recipe from the plains grizzlies. I must've spoiled over 5000 of those bears and never got one of those recipes. Everything else that I try to spoil according to the Wiki I have been able to get.
  9. Bug attendance event

    It ended last week
  10. IT crater on Aden server is currently unplayable due to the bots that are currently taking every single mob there. Please NCSoft, give everyone a merry Christmas and make a bot sweep through all the servers. It's out of control!
  11. Probability in spellbooks?

    My wife and I just started trying to get books from the IT crater this week. So far, we've gotten 0 books, a top D weapon drop (jamadahr) and 2 armor drops (manticore gloves and boots of strength). Now I get that they're trying to make the experience difficult, but when full drops are easier to get than spellbooks, something is wrong! Please NCSoft, do something about this.
  12. STCN (Stop the crying now)

    I've been playing since day 1 here, haven't spent a penny, and am loving the game. I've worked toward crafting my own weapons, (to date, I've crafted a sword of reflection, 2 sabers, and a skull breaker) farmed all the mats needed for those weapons, and haven't had to buy anything from adena sellers or NCSoft. I'm a level 37 dwarf, and I play about 2-4 hours per day after work with my wife. The drop rates are fine, the mats are there if you're willing to farm them, and the only real problem with this game is the bots and all the people who pay and/or cheat their way to the top. The game was meant to be a long, hard grind. It's a marathon, not a sprint. I know it's only going to get harder, but so far, it's been a lot of fun!
  13. Weapon Parts

    After making it to D grade, I levelled up to a point where I could start farming weapon parts for a top D weapon. (Dwarf) I decided I would try for the tarbar. I got the recipe after a day or two farming the Wyrms, and have now been trying for over a week to get heads from the Breka Orc Prefects. I have probably killed over 3000 of those guys, and not one head has dropped. Looking up the drop rate on L2 Classic Wiki, I find that the drop rate for a tarbar head is the same as the rate for a full drop. I am beginning to wonder if players are being 'pushed' in the direction of buying adena for top weapons. If the drop rate for a tarbar head is .01-.05 %, which is the same rate for a full drop of mithril or reinforced leather full drops, how am I supposed to farm 7 heads? The other issue is that the Breka Orc Prefect is supposedly the only mob that drops (no spoils) the heads. I then looked up the drop rates for other top weapons, and find the same dilemma. It seems the Sword of Revolution blade has a 1% chance of spoiling, but the mob (rat scavanger) is level 37! I hope NCSoft looks into this and improves the drop rate a little, even if it's just to 1%. Has anyone else seen this?
  14. Missing Recipes

    I've given up after about a week of trying. I think I put like 4 levels on 2 dwarves and still no recipe. Not that it's necessary, but I have managed to get all the other compressed recipes, and being ocd about these things, it's really irritating not having the complete set.
  15. Missing Recipes

    I've been looking to find the Blessed Spiritshot Compressed Recipe for days! The only classic database I can find is the Euro one, which says the recipe drops from the Plain Grizzly at Felmere Hunting Grounds. Has anyone gotten this recipe? Is there another database that's more accurate? I've gotten the Spiritshot compressed recipe, but not the blessed.