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  1. Doubt they are "blocking" your account because you used the same CC. I have 6 accounts with vip 1 and i bought NCoin with the same card.
  2. why waste your time trying to set up something that probably wont work? Just open both accounts from the launcher and set the "box account" to not have sound and low quality video.
  3. Candee

    XIGNCODE3 Launch

    cant log even 1 character wth battleping active and ncsoft support is too stupid to understand that (they asked me to try playing without it)
  4. xigncode and battleping issue got resolved?
  5. Did you guys fix the xigncode + battleping issue?
  6. Tomorrow after maintenance time is my guess
  7. Items do not drop upon a character’s death (including Chaotic characters) Uhhhhh really? oh boy Nevermind, items get insta blown up while red
  8. Are there "must do"" quests that give shots/gear as reward on starting villages or can i group up right out the start?
  9. Candee


    weedsummoner v.2
  10. I'm not billyjohn and you still failed to prove your point with this thread
  11. 1v1 no pots outside oly HUE HUE HUE You should seek some health institution, this game is deteriorating your brain PS: Btw none of you screenshots prove anything about you killing the guy
  12. 'member when supersnail was pking all of apex just cuz he could? i 'member
  13. i was in sunshine way before you ran away from IC and joined them.
  14. festo traded claws in the first cloak event for his +15 and after that he upgraded slasher, leaving 20ish frags left.
  15. Making the raid shield pop instantly would be an upgrade because even with all top p2w stuff you can't one shot them.
  16. As long as they make 90k per event (just from the "limited pack" so far) nothing will ever change
  17. Interesting conversation, by the way if this guy jinkariya is a handless clown for scripting/rmt what is your opinion on nova/max that did/do the same?
  18. Candee

    THE GODS!!

    Is this the same cp that couldn't play without ranger and ran away from Nova when they came back? I r8 this b8 8/8
  19. If NC cared about there would be 1 server with 500 players tops (you would be banned aswell)
  20. Don't be delusional, noone will ever be banned for cheating. When they had the chance to redeem themselves y'all just got a 3 day wrist slap instead. Just look at what happened to martelx, guy was cheating to the max and only got "banned" because he recorded himself showing a gm skill on the skill list.
  21. 6 pages of empty words cuz every one that QQ already bought in the "event". Gz guys
  22. So we went from sunshine clan helping nova in aden to them helping nova allies in pvp(LUL btw)? You sir are smoking some weird stuff each time you post a reply in here.
  23. I'm quite interested in your video proof of them in aden throne room 2+ months ago attacking Zureil and stopping cast, just because all the times you managed to start a cast and fail, world chat after siege was and all out cry only on propve/IC/P1ratas being helpers and nova being mp regen clan.
  24. LEL, first excuse was castle mana regen, now is sunshine interrupted aden cast. And you are stopping noone from doing out of instance stuff, at best just a nuisance for a few peeps.
  25. apex/bladenknight helping nova? omegaLUL
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