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  1. OK and stable ? 1000 people left in a week from each server. How is this stable ? And don't get me started on how many more will leave because xmas and new year is coming. This is not ok at all.
  2. Finally someone that has eyes and mouth and speaks the actual truth ! This was supposed to be a "remastered" experience with all the good grind but with a modern idea... But we got a bot fest with clueless "devs" that just keep on ruining the game ... Server population is getting lower and lower... Is this going to end by New Year?
  3. The people that played this game 15 hours a day 13 years ago were kids in high school. People now have jobs,wifes and kids to look for. They have life. This game cannot attract people with it being so unplayable. People not being able to log in because of queue quit already. People that can't be profitable with their 2h of play per day will quit soon enough (if they haven't already). Stop applying your no lifer mindset to the overall population of this game. People will go to other games that will allow them to play for 2 hours and actually be better than 2 hours ago. The current state of the
  4. Your "future" will last exactly 5 days with normal rates and teleports. Please don't be blinded by this "event". Its very wrong for you to believe that the server is even close to being playable with this.
  5. This is a joke. First you say our rates are wrong we fixed some areas and we are looking into more. Now you say its all good fam keep giving us real money we give you bad service full with bots.. Well I'm done with this. The weekend 50% increase of things doesnt fix the problem as not all of us can spend 48 hours farming in the weekend to be able to afford money during the rest of the week. People have lives and when you force them to play just 2 days of the week so they can actually enjoy the game then whats the point?
  6. I'm happy you are leaving. Boxing shouldn't be allowed in a healthy MMO game.
  7. As a person who plays with 1 account I completely agree. The adena rates everywhere are awful and need to be fixed. I'm playing alone and i want to farm alone. I don't want to duo or triple box. I don't want to spoil. I want to go to the field every day for a few hours and make some progress. Drop rate is next to comical. I got to lvl 40 with aoe parties spent next to nothing adena to lvl myself i farmed alone for hours upon hours on green monsters alone hoping for some drop and got nothing. In the end I had no money for anything but Elven jewels and a Saber.
  8. What is this ?? Seriously what joke is this?? Person was charged with penalty and he is still using the bot ??? PATHETIIIIIC!!!
  9. We saw the same issue today in Cruma. We were spoiling the kratos/portas etc. and we never had more than 1 silver nugget from spoil. (l2 wiki shows 1-7 so even knowing the rates here are lower it should still be at least 1-3) Also the adena rates there were always in the low margin of the variable. Sometimes it was even lower than the stated in the l2wiki. I know l2wiki is not for this server but come on... you have to be blind to deny that drop/spoil rates in high rate mobs are bad as well....
  10. This boss especially was a general pain in the butt!
  11. Holy s*** ! Well I guess I'm lucky I do play another mmo that has no problem having 40k+ online at the same time .. in the same server... RIP 6k ppl limit....
  12. Hello from my point of view as well! I haven't been disconnected before but after they fixed the queue system I get disconnected every 18-20 hours. I used to fish now I cant even do that and when I get dcd well tough luck getting in .. My friends have been on the queue for 3-5 hours and still cant get in... I guess Ill be in in about 8 hours
  13. For example if they have it normal ppl in time will decide to pay money for the game so they get even more items. People are greedy like that. Its like drugs. You give them a little for free (this server) and then you make them pay (VIP) so they get even more from what they want. (ofc that works if rates were allowing ANY drops/money at all in the first place which this isnt at all)
  14. This could have been a great server if only NCSOFT wasn't so greedy. All we needed was normal rates of adena and drops that don't chase ppl away. Then add the VIP status on top of that and you will have even more happy people paying for your game. Everyone can make the simple math and see that even with VIP 4 you dont get ANYTHING from the current rates.. Its like multiplying by 0 ... very very sad...
  15. Ive had the same thing happen to me and my friends. This is horrible!!!
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