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  1. Give rewards for Olympiad, anything! raise level of queen ant, orfen , core, And zaken so they can’t be Nerfed. stop adding rewards and talking about level 90 unless you add some better exp zones or change the higher level zones to be playable. add Adena drop to element zones Make non tradable items tradable with in account threw dimensional merchant such as pendant and talisman so people can reroll If they want to. @juji
  2. 10000% I'm sure people would gladly pay extra per month to keep this close to the old school subscription base that kept people on an equal-ish playing field. Introducing items that are insta-win items that will only be held by a select few hundred will run everything, and pull further ahead in levels, raids (higher level ones with Rune drops, which will also make people more OP) to the point where you have a few CP's that can wipe the entire server. The community discord and world shout should give enough indication that this is an awful idea, and you will lose most of the players trying to be competitive.