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  1. [GIRAN] Defiance

    Started @ launch, just posting now ;]
  2. [GIRAN] Defiance

    Have you played on Azure/Supreme servers? Defiance/Tempest from Addiction ally is here. LF active archer & fighter CP's/half CP's/soloers. PM ingame: Raav, NiceShoes or Violar
  3. The issue is resolved in my case. The Pack and scroll were in my Private Warehouse - check over there boys.
  4. @Hime I am really happy (guess we all are) that you are present in the topic. I bet that we all share one concern now though - since the Packs are gone from the store quite soon, is the fix going to happen early enough for us to get them? Or will their closure not affect our case?
  5. No fix yet, my ticket is on-hold and I was told to wait until the issue is fixed. 8 days passed and counting...
  6. Doesn't really differ, I have 4000 coins stuck on my account, that I can't touch in case of a refund as a last resort. Still, you would believe that in a normal world, a Customer who spends his money, gets some support from the Seller.
  7. Yes, 50 dollars frozen - once again, this is an equivalent of a new PC/PS4 game. Tickets completely ignored, other than an automatic response than we help making Lineage 2 a better place. Well, surely it is not a better place for me, refreshing the e-mail and tickets every 2 hours just deepens my frustration. @Hime @Juji Is it really so hard to manually deduct our NCCoins and put the items in our Dimensional Merchants? I don't believe it's the issue of not allowing people have 2nd pack on their account as you can see the transaction history.
  8. Exactly. One of my questions is answered itself - we do have extension. What about the people that are still stuck with artificially having the Pack, while still not having it? Can't we just have manually deducted coins and added the pack to our accounts? Or have the Pack be possible for purchase in the in-game L2 Store? I have 2 tickets open, one for a fix, one for a refund. Both are being completely ignored.
  9. Classic Launch Packs FAQ AGAIN!

    Same here. Do we know if NCCoins can be refunded if needed?
  10. @Hime @Juji Dear Sirs, I have decided to purchase the Launch Pack on October, 13th, when, apparently, there was an issue that NCWest was aware of. The error stated that the Packs cannot be purchased due to a "server failure" and the Customers were advised to "try again later". After several hours, a fix was released with a proud tweet that we, as the Customers, can re-attempt to purchase the Launch Packs again without issues. For the Customers that did not try the purchase during the "server failure" period, it now works without issues. However, the Customers who have tried to purchase it within that time now receive the following erorr: From the technical point of view, the general assumption is that the system believes that the Launch Pack has been purchased, even though it still isn't. Therefore, The Customers still own the NCCoins, but are claimed to already own the mentioned pack as well. The latest announcement in game states that "The Classic Launch Packs will be removed from the web shop on 10/16 at 11:59AM PDT". There are multiple topics created on the forums that multiple Customers are unable to purchase the Pack, however, within short time the packs will be removed from the web shop. Moreover, a ticket submitted (#22223593) was answered after 24 hours of its submission with an - I assume - automatic statement that: "This is currently a known issue and the Development Team is currently working toward a possible fix. Since the Game Support Team is not part of the development of the game, we are unable to provide status updates on bug reports. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated. At this time Game Support Team does not have a workaround. Once a fix has been created and tested it will be made available in a future update." As a result, I, probably among other Customers, was told to be patient and wait for a fix, however within 24 hours I will be unable to purchase the Pack anymore. 72 hours after the ticket submission, there is no announcements, tweets, responses on the forums. Basically, the Customers are told to observe the website/forums but nothing happens. On the other hand, the announcement in game was introduced, which proves that neither NCWest was closed nor the Dev Team was fired. My assumption, that more and more steers towards confidence, is that nothing will be done today and the Packs will be eventually removed. Based on the fact, that money was spent on NCCoins in the value of a full product in the video games industry, I understand the the Customers will be entitled to a refund. Of course, the Customers might be told that the item that was purchased - the NCCoins - was delivered, however, the item that was intended to be purchased with your e-currency will not be available anymore. Granted that no coins are spent from the account, I would like to ask for a response how the matter is planned to be handled by NCWest. What will happen with the Customers that are ultimately unable to purchase the Classic Launch Packs? Is it possible that the Launch Pack purchase is fixed today before their removal from the web shop takes place? Will the Launch Pack purchase period be extended? How the potential refunds are handled? I have a full understanding of the issues that are currently troubling your crew. Clearly the popularity of the server exceeded your management capability. I was a happy Customer of NCSoft playing Aion for years, paying the monthly subscription, based on the fact that the product was delivered without any issue. However, it is quite unbelievable, that for the value of - again - a full product, in this case there is a full ignorance from the Seller side. The only mean of contact with the Seller is the ticket submission, which proves no results. There is no Customer Service Call Centre and due to lack of response from the Dev Team on the forums and/or twitter, the frustration of the Customers deepens everyday. Your automatic responses contain the footnote "Thank you for helping us make Lineage 2 a better place". The Customers would expect you to match your own slogan as well. Best regards, Violar
  11. We can't buy the launch pack

    12h after the ticket reply, still no information. Meanwhile we are 24h away from the Launch Packs being gone from the store. I can only assume if I ask for a refund afterwards, I will not receive it and will be stuck with 50 dollars spent for nothing.
  12. We can't buy the launch pack

    My main concern is that there already was a fix, but it only changed the error we are getting.
  13. We can't buy the launch pack

    Still the same error. Apparently one day till the packs closure. Any announcement that something is being done about it would be appreciated. I really hope that this either gets fixed or the availability gets extended.
  14. Do I need to active Launch Pack?

    When did you manage to purchase the pack? I'v been trying for 15h and it's been error after error. 50 bucks well spent so far... how about a real fix?