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  1. Great, so where the archers will be exping? My party is already over and unable to exp because there is no place for archers. SV/GC is melee spot, was so happy we will have ketras/varkas orcs there, but you failed again. Pitiful BTW where will we get A grade weapons from? Only rbs ?
  2. Boost event is inactive again, it had to be disabled during maintenance.
  3. @Hime you guys know you are liars? 50% xp boost event had to be for 2 weeks. During that, week ago we had no event for 1 day without compensation (angel cat != compensation). Today again we get no xp boost, cause the event is already over.
  4. Just wanted to ask, how do you guys feel with crafting 60% recipes after last emergency maintenance? Before I could craft items with let's say 60% chance (6 out of 10 items succeeded average). After last emergency maintenace I struggle to craft single item. I asked many friends and they also have that problem. 5 minutes ago I clicked 3x avadon circlet and all failed. 3 days ago I burned materials for BW breastplate... 6 in row. My friend burned 4 in row BW helmets, other 3 doom helmets in row. Honestly, it looks like chance changed to 6% from 60%. I used to craft 2 avadon robe sets daily, now
  5. This party is now 74+ as they are botting in deep LoA doing aoe.
  6. @Juji tell your Korean masters that people flee from this server while they could still pay your coins if you fixed the drop rate. Do it just in the way it could be done: VIP 4 = normal EU drops, lesser VIP - lesser drops. Everyone will buy that VIP.
  7. Tell me you are joking. I am freaking 55 PR which can solo EV with shots, but can't even duo it cause each restock is -50k adena. And believe me, this is the spot you "fixed". I am VIP 4 and this is riddicolous. You ruined this game with your stupid "free to play". Free to play means when you buy some item you are able to have same adena drop like "pay to play", and now, people who pay max VIP can't even have 1/2 of "pay to play". Fix it quickly, cause people are abandoning this server, and you are killing it.
  8. Great that you have that PR, now start to ban them for real. PS. And do something with rates quickly, cause you lose player base.
  9. NA classic should have same rates like EU/RUS classic. Really, just request that change and everyone will be happy, and you will still sell many NCCoins. Really.
  10. @Juji @Hime the "fix" yesterday wasn't real fix. Dont say that L2 wiki isn't for our server. We want it to be like this. Many of us played on EU/RUS classics and the rates were good. We want them here.
  11. @Hime @Juji better fix other zones quickly too, or people will quit due to not being possible to farm with profit. If people leave, you have no money from store.
  12. So the maintenance is today, "by Tuesday" already passed and still nothing? @Hime @Juji what about the fix? I am really having bad time on 52 lvl.
  13. But you realise that these are top C? for 6kk you will buy crystals for Luxury weapon. If I crystallized Great Pata I would get cry c worth about 8.5kk.
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