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  1. Thats a shame you don't play on Naia ... Aussie Aussie Aussie .. oi oi oi
  2. I really like to know what the point to not have the full Armor set parts on the luxury shop in giran ? You only have the Breastplate and helmet for the Armor(except for apella) , so We not even can used them for appearance as the boot and glove are missing. So , what the point to have them available there ? Can you make them available ?
  3. Agreed, look forward to see @Hime answer this one ?
  4. Yes , I saw this message and just though that I was in the wrong place . Seems we have another path problem here .
  5. same here , seems a lot of stuff in the game is not working as it should . Why I'm not suprise ?
  6. Added a feature where players can remove the bestowed Soul Crystal ability through a blacksmith and extract the Soul Crystal again. Which NPC Can We extract the Soul Crystal ? Which are the option ?
  7. Looks like I'm the noob here , so tell me , when/ how I suppose to use it ? I know I can't use the skill when barrier or undying skill are on , I know that exist a little delay between to get hit and use the skill and I can die before my HP/ CP get fill , so what else ?
  8. I not even have a debuff on it . thats why I think is odd .
  9. Why the Power suvival skill fail in 9/10 I try to use it ? in pvp or oly , everytime i try to use it , my HP and CP won't fill , seems to me to be a bug or something . My char is a Duelist, the same problem happen with the others tyrrs ?
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