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  1. you guys should see mine. cloack +11 + 60k ncoin + 150b = cloack +1 am I upset about that? at first yes , now no !!!! This was a like a slap on my face , I have to say THANK you ncsoft, after this cloack event you actuallt opened my eyes and I will spend my time and money with something else.
  2. My favorite class is Duelist. Nickname: AussieX Server: Naia
  3. ".... The enchant success rate bonus does not apply to the Dragon Rind Leather Shirt. ..."
  4. I'm from Australia and having the same issue. My friend from Brazil is having the same issue. It's no just Euroupe , Oceania and South America have the same issue.
  5. aaanndddd .......... another DC
  6. aaannndddddd ....... another dc
  7. And dc again ... again ... agina @Hime @Juji @LIME I wanna my money for the cakes back !!!!!!
  8. It has been 15 minutes already and nothing that login comes back ! Really disappointed!!!
  9. here we go again !!! another DC @Hime @Juji @LIME Are you guys going to do sometime about ?
  10. @Hime could tou have a look on this issue please ? After DC , we are not able to login , once we launch the box , the same close itself .
  11. Fanny enough , I was able to login now and my pt still alive , seems this was a random disconnect again !
  12. People mass quitting or moving to L2 Core EU. Funny how they thought that XP event would save or bring these players back. Hope NCsoft has learned something from it .
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