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  1. Hey! I am a human warrior, looking for first Dgrade weapon. What should I buy? Blunt? sword? Wich one do you guys rec?
  2. I was actualy considering this quest the other day, but I don't know how much adena does it really offers, how muc EXP will I get. With spiders i'ts quite OK, becouse each spider drops abot 90 Adena and I get 3,2K adena at the end. Like this I was able to farm 125k adena ( about 80K in one day ) but the problem is EXP % it's really low . I don't know what else to do, to lvl me up, mybe are there some mobs with good drops? EXP/adena?
  3. So... I tryed searchin l2wiki and pmfun bu I don't find a quest fo gaining EXP and/or Adena? Now I'm doing the "spiders nest- venom sacks" quest- repetable, i'ts OK but i gain only 0,09% of EXP on each spider. I think that now that I'm lvl 22 i need to move forward on next quest. I found a nic one on PMfun near an windmill, but there is no NPC and the map is a little different so I think it's not dor classic... What can I do?
  4. I wanna say that i got 3K of soulshot that I don't need... I got Soulshots not spiritshots.
  5. I didn't get spirithots but soulshots? WtF I am a warrior...
  6. stil closing client problem ! Please fix it. After yestrdays update I am still UNABLE to login. If you will coninue doing update like this, you will loose eaven more players and money. This sh*** didn't happen once on WOW or LOL ...
  7. Also get the err acc. already in use???
  8. Ugh, twice.... i'm trying to log in all afternoon tryed at least 15 times
  9. Same here. I have only one character... only one acc. Already i must wait 10 minutes so that the queue scrolls to say that there is a prob ? LOL Angry
  10. Sorry guys, but I don't find an information. Will this server be only for North America, or there will be an Europe one? Thanks
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