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  1. @Hime @Juji someone plz look at my support ticket nothing is being solved Ticket #22617436
  2. 2 of my accounts were blocked due to suspicious activity as well.. no cheats here all legit , i know how u feel lose desire to play, I spent all day yesterday lvling up 2 Alts to 20 only to have them banned ... and I transferred gear too both accounts as well and they ban it... redicilous
  3. @Hime @Juji @anygm 2 of my alt accounts were banned as well opened tickets from this account giving email/account names still haven’t heard anything. I don’t cheat or use macro or programs or special mouses or any type of shit , I pay vip to run the extra accounts and they get banned? Wtf.. so many people are being banned for nothing g, how u ban only a couple of my accounts and not all of them this makes no sense plz unban my accounts if u need the account names and emails again I will be happy to provide them..
  4. Made a new account yesterday for a dwarf alt played like 12 hours got to 19 and I try to log In today and it says I’m banned .. wtf is this and why?
  5. What’s in hunter pack for 1200?????
  6. Warrior warrior po se interested , hate when people won’t fight for they’re hunting spot. IGN main is Jinobi
  7. Warrior x2 one glad one warlord se pp looking for cp / clan
  8. Warrior ( glad ) / warrior ( warlord ) / se / pp lookin for clan / cp
  9. In training / warlord / glad /pp / se looking for party/co/ clan lvl 26s
  10. Looking to rejoin on girin server I was in syn a while back would love to reconnect with you all lmk ign Jinobi
  11. Are server transfers available waiting in a 1600 server que for hours only to get client will be closed is redicilous. Plz offer free server transfer
  12. when will the classic servers be added to the server list for NA. thought oct 3 12am ? I live in California when can I expect to see the classic server selection on the server list? gmt -7
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