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  1. I don't see any constructive criticism. If anything, you could just adjust adena to a subscription based model. Based on the Vip tier... though not much difference between 1 and 4 besides a thousand points.... No way in hell a free user should get the full experience. This would probably more likely be sustainable than anything. If anything, a free experience just lets you try the game out... the game shouldn't be brought to a point the cash shop is useless... Edit: This also discourages botting and RMT. IF you make it too easy, more of the money that should go to NCsoft will go to RMT F2P
  2. That how management goes. It's reactive. You do something wrong and you get in trouble. Also, please site the statistics you are pulling from if you going to keep bringing it up. Please break it down for all of us to understand. Customer base is always lost in some way or form. It's truly not as narrow as you have stated. No, I didn't reply with emotion. Every time I see a doom and gloom statement. That was my brain has associated your statement. The statistics I really want to see! That empirical data you speak so highly of... all I see are strawman arguments here. And oh, do free to play pla
  3. We can strawman all day. You can cry and say people will quit in droves. However, they don't need to act until they can visibly see the trend. Not to make moves in advance. Just seems like more of a social justice warrior / liberal. "DO IT OR ELSE MARK MY WORDS" Typical. "WE WILL QUIT AND NO ONE WILL PLAY YOUR GAME" "YOUR SERVER WILL DIE" The game as old as it is. I wouldn't expect it to be thriving. Let's be honest here. It's providing a niche experience. In other words, it never cared what the masses think. They already talked about all this stuff in the live stream. Every decision will
  4. Making the game easier.. okay... "lack of capital" lol You sound like the government trying to get a loan. The appropriate % you are searching for was never promised to begin with.. if you watched the live stream they said it would be a hardcore grind experience... Shop are indeed not supply and demand. I enjoyed your bigoted statement however. Thus you have defeated your own statement with hypocrisy. You speak of balance. You speak of "Normal." I think it is as it is simply put making the game easier. The faster items can be gained = faster time game completion. It's simply that nothing more.
  5. All the arguments about adena are in fact wrong. If you raise the Adena drop, then you should also raise the cost of soulshots and every item in the game inside the merchant. Inflation kills an economy. Whether its xp or adena. IN a real world economy, if you inflate the currency of an economy then everything else should go up in price as well. They charge you nothing to play this game. Try that on a most mobile free games that use an energy system. NO one can force you to spend money on this game. That is not a valid argument. Whatever rate you increase the adena should be the same for e
  6. Oh ya, those who claim refunds get their accounts banned. Keep that in mind. I have heard this somewhere before.
  7. Invested money huh? 30$ That's almost nothing. People who use multiple boxes are fine with me. Those are just people trying to get an advantage as anyone would. Trying to exploit the system. The key issue is player progression. You feel that it is burdensome or that you are handicapped. I think they made it clear in the pre-release live stream. They would address issues as they come along. They will look at the pool of player base and player progression to determine the next step. I understand it may not be that playable at higher levels but most of the server is not at that level yet... There
  8. You can't straw man your way out of every argument. It's only as broken as you see it. All that does is increase player progression %. As previously stated, you are rewarded for the time you invest into this game. Your claims are unsubstantiated as to the crippling effect. The problem is how you view the issue. "Shady". The only way to protest the rates itself is to just quit the game. If that's how much you disagree, you should exercise your right. I have done so with any game I have played. I don't pretend to know what is best for a server. They will play things by ear, if anything. They sai
  9. Please stop threatening about the future of this product because you don't get what you want. They will listen and deliberate if you come with a logical argument. Not just "baby rage". No one can predict the future of this release. I hope it does well. Enjoy the free game. It may take a while to get started. They said progression was hard core for a reason. In the end, I personally believe this is the best strategy for longevity of the launch itself. Their target market is clear. I don't think anyone who hasn't invested any money to support this release should deliberate. If you like the conte
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