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  1. Solution: 'Client will be closed'

    Don't try to fix your client, the server is simply offline for maintenance.
  2. Got to leave soon. This makes it so that I can't play. Is it OK to feel disappointed, mr feelings police?
  3. Always the same thing. Why do I still get disappointed?
  4. Should be up in 10-20 mn if nothing goes wrong.
  5. Maintenance or did all servers explode?

    Yeah, it's those little things... There should have been an in-game countdown.
  6. Just got in instantly on Giran. Wow!
  7. Force VSYNC

    In order to save on energy, it would be nice to lock the FPS on the monitor's refresh rate, so that the CPU and GPU wouldn't have to work harder than they have to. I've tried to force it on AMD drivers, but it asks for the .EXE for the game, which doesn't seem to exist other than the launcher, which doesn't do the trick and even causes instability on the launcher itself. I've seen that when the game is running a L2.bin is active, but the AMD drivers want nothing with .bin files. Any suggestions?
  8. So we have now 3 full servers.. and feedback?

    Why would you kick players that are using a server feature?
  9. Maybe you're right. I'm just trying to understand how such a big company is shooting themselves in the foot like this. There's such an unexpected influx of players, that they could easily grab them all by providing adequate server capacity. Instead we have silence that lasts for days and then solutions that keep failing to address the problem. Players are leaving every day and someone of them will never come back.
  10. The only thing that makes sense is a cash grab of VIPers to get in front of the queue before it all this goes to crap.
  11. Guys, relaunch your queues, because I just did and I started with a 500 queue.
  12. There is a significant difference in queue numbers, but let's see if we aren't back to the old problem of getting disconnected after 10 minutes. Wait and see.