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  1. Can we get any information regarding the future of these servers? What is coming next, a preview of what you're working on... At the moment the classic game feels abandoned.
  2. Please learn how to use punctuation and paragraphs, as otherwise it's really hard to read anything you write.
  3. Be a good boy and put your adventures on youtube. You'd get a following from this forum alone!
  4. Yeah, you need to find the right spots. It's possible to make a profit, but it is true that some level ranges are much worse than others.
  5. Farming solo without shots is like assuming you're 100% masochist. If you do so, do it in a party.
  6. You can seriously get this with real money? What a joke.
  7. Yes, some are not bots, but let's not ignore the elephant in the room. The amount of bots in this game is too high and it's a big part of the population. It needs addressing, period. Will it be addressed? No, like we've seen the way NCWest handle bots.
  8. It's called classic because it's trying to recreate classic.
  9. Really? The game is a bot fest, so what do we do? Let's be even more lenient to botting!
  10. Post tracerts to the destination server and we can have a look at where the problem is.
  11. The reason why NCWest won't hear us is because player numbers are still high. The downwards curve, though, is getting obvious and we haven't had a queue in almost a month now. It's only a matter of time before players will be bombarded with rewards to convince them to stay.
  12. You're right. Criticism is not tolerated even when the servers have serious problems which never get addressed. I wonder if their low expectations only apply to L2. If they're so tolerant of problems, they must be having a ton of fun with Fallout 76.
  13. Light blue mobs do give you reduced XP. Green ones are fine though.
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