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  1. I've been a lineage player for 13 years, I've played several low and mid rate servers, I've stopped playing servers because of corruption, lag-ping, bad servers, or i paused for real life when I heard about the official server. ) I was interested and also for being free. I came to play in the official with friends, I made disclosure in social networks, etc ... but when I started to play, I began to see the server problems, still with the thought of being official server I was calm because I knew that "ncsoft staff" solve problems in a short time. haha ha when I started searching other servers
  2. Bot in all areas, and staff dont do nothing? it's legal use bot on ncsoft server? https://prnt.sc/lcwbf1
  3. Need be vip to farm? cant play on 1x? PRO PLAYER EVER i need pve dmg i need exp i need sp i need adena i need spoil/drop chance kkkk Or you just need multiple box to use Adena Bot farmers? see u
  4. Vip is not for priority login but for bonus xp/adena/sp/drop/spoil/pvedmg/lost lessxp
  5. People stop creating support as the main class, because nobody offers them party because everyone already has their supports with multiple boxes!
  6. Multiple bxes are only good for adena sellers!
  7. lie, because error happens whenever queuing ends!
  8. vip should only be for + xp / sp / adena / spoil not to login!
  9. the purpose of the server was to be free to play or pay to play?
  10. Is it difficult to restart the server periodically to remove the afk and fishermen?
  11. Free to play or Pay to play or Pay to Win like vip4? This server is Pay to Win!
  12. Maybe with 2 box limit and restart 2 times per day. would solve the problem with login. because we would have fewer fishermen!
  13. Open 2 box except weekend just 1 box for sieges etc..!
  14. Switching from 3 box to 2 box can solve the problem with the login server. and will make more value to support class!
  15. Switching from 3 box to 2 box can solve the problem with login server!
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