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  1. oh gawd you can't even get the date right, can you please stop embarrassing yourself.
  2. Sad that community driven economies, scammers and player merchants have become so rare in MMORPGs anymore they're considered odd. What a sad state this once great genre has fallen to.
  3. This is so classic NC soft, not classic lin2, lol. Sad thing is they knew the backlash for this half assed fix was going to be bad.... usually when juji posts in discord he sticks around for a bit, when he posted this one he just posted it and logged off, lol. Hard to be a community manager when you have to give updates you know are garbage, lol. Oh well, looks like unless you get in a good party, doing 25-35 on multiple characters in orc barracks is still best money in game qq.
  4. whats the ninja update? Neither of these are unscheduled maintenance worthy.... so what is the update really about?
  5. Was a big mistake not having TP costs at lv1, so people didn't learn the value of travel and placement of their chars so they couldn't handle it when they had to start paying for TPs so your solution.... dumb it down even more and just take cost out? Honestly, there's 2 servers ^^ with low pop and no queue if u wanna play lin2 for special people.
  6. Your poll is flawed, it doesn't have, 'there shouldbe no nc shop, the game should be subscription based like virtally EVERYWHERE ELSE' since that's how L2 was designed and a cash shop in classic is just blatantly out of place.
  7. Welcome to ncsoft... they make some great games, but boy do they like to punish you for playing them.
  8. They know the how releases work population explodes, then drops down and finds a stable state... they don't want to make 6 servers then have to merge them down to 3 in a couple months... Unfortunately for them, the explosion is lasting longer than expected, primarily because it's F2P, and adena sweatshops are big money.
  9. Exactly, items, not adena.... makes sense for item drops to be nerfed with VIP getting you around normal drop rates, but nerfed adena when VIP doesn't get you back to normal is odd.
  10. Odd, cause I believe devs said VIP doesn't effect adena, so the nerfed adena drops to promote VIP don't make sense.
  11. It's not P2W yet.... before drops got fixed it was, as it was the only way to hunt with soulshots. The only stuff that is kind of P2W is being able to buy buff scrolls instead of boxing a buffer & xp scrolls, but they give a bunch of free xp scrolls anyway so they're not that big of a deal. VIP is essentially an over complicated pseudo sub. Definition of P2W is having something you can dump an infinite amount of money into, a pseudo sub doesnt fall into that category.
  12. Offline shops would cut the game play of market players, a very real game play style, and one of L2s more unique options for playing the game.
  13. I will say 3 box is a little excessive... game should really just be sub based so there's a cost to boxing 3 clients, particularly since, unless ur using a bot, your efficiency 3 boxing starts taking a hit.
  14. .... it's what lin2 is based on. Lin2 was a subscription game, it was specifically designed to have classes meant to be boxed to keep more subs. To change multi boxing would require fundemental changes to the game & class balance.
  15. Could just have a GM ban them... it's almost a day for a non VIP to login, not that hard to goto a town, get a whisper & hit ban, move that queue along, and that gold seller is back at 18 hr queue wait in order to spam again.
  16. EU servers are gated by a sub, much less riff raff. We're getting the cheapskate riff raff of EU, and are not allowed to pay a sub & play on EU servers where you don't have to deal with F2P idiots.
  17. kinda ridiculous they can play here, but we can't play the far superior EU servers.
  18. the problem is they expect it to fail shortly, so they refuse to open new servers and give free server transfers, since they'd have to shortly merge servers when they inevitably fail. Unfortunately for them over a week in and even with their terrible release, people still want to play because the MMO market as a whole hasn't put a game out worth playing in close to 15 years and people yearn for a PC MMORPG game not catered to the console 10 year old kid that don't want to grind and just wants to play MMORPG version of PUBG. Very sad that a company fails to accept that a reality is happening an
  19. very sad indeed. @Sellene they wont see your post, they're covering 3 other games at the same time. Rather than actually hiring people they just threw L2 & L2 classic on an already overworked staff of moderators covering other games. Expect to see them never.
  20. Gonna need quest to get this guy put in to, gonna need my ride....
  21. http://pyroamos.com/getpet.php quest is missing.
  22. Hopefully a 2nd one on same time zone as talking island... skipping queue by playing aden & eventually having to deal with midnight sieges is a garbo choice to have to make.
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