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  1. Bots are part and parcel of playing this version of classic. Stop complaining about normal classic stuff pls.
  2. Your rates for me as a VIP4 player (adena amount) are the same as those for VIP0 players - so this argument falls flat on its face. If VIP status affected adena amount - I'm sure there would be a lot less backlash since the game would be essentially Pay-to-Progress. @Hime has anyone even play tested these rates? Did you try playing this game without abusing GM commands before launching it?
  3. Level 55 mobs drop 200 adena. Impossible to solo farm anything while setting up a party or waiting for friends to login. Unless you're farming Orc Barracks lol Working as intended though. Also how's F2P an excuse for adena rates? VIP doesn't affect adena at all so there is no reason behind that argument.
  4. Why are level 50 cemetery mobs dropping 200 adena?
  5. If you join a VIP0 party with VIP4 (full group) the boost will be 4,44% That's 40%/9
  6. I've done it twice as a SWS. Did use moody melody both times and was using the quest set - only problem was I had to use UD at the start, until the mob used up its mana (also keep Warding up) You should really have no issues, especially once the mob runs out of mana. Though my drop was...non-existent 2x 3000 xp and 2x 130 SP.... I literally wasted 400+ SSD and got nothing for it
  7. Our rates have nothing to do with the real ones from 2005 or Skelth (the wiki). It is really zone-dependent example: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Mirror A Mirror in FoM is expected to drop 586-1369 adena The actual Aden drop is 135-280 It's easy to know that no one would farm for hours there in order to find out actual drop rates - it's utter madness and a loss of adena to kill x2 mobs. A good example of CT drop we had graciously compiled by @Devoid can be found here: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/8143-experiment-ct-drops-post-11-07/?tab=comments#c
  8. My SWS has no attack skills. How am I ever, ever, ever supposed to farm LoA solo? This game is so unfair. ---- Save beast shots for pvp. Buffed up summons are insane even without shots.
  9. You are supposed to pick your skills to match what you're doing. I don't think anyone is swimming in SP and you're supposed to pick skills to fit what you're thinking of doing, you're not expected to have all skills as all.
  10. I think the fighter weapon enchant chance is about 60% per try (regardless of +3 or +15 attempt) and the mage ones are near 50%. That explain pretty much all of it - you can get lucky but it's not that insane of luck. 1-3 are safe enchants so we don't count those. 4-10 are not safe -> That means you need to get lucky 2/3rds of the enchants if you're doing warrior weapons (most of the weapons we see enchanted very high are warrior ones! Coincidence? I think not!) So let's calculate the chance of 7 enchants happening for you - that's (3/5)^7 (Three-fifths t
  11. The drop is beyond horrible at higher levels. I do understand the difference between low no-grade items and D/C grade is huge but if you're actually farming Orc Barracks you get some D-grade drops, while farming higher level mobs gives you squat all. I'm not saying "GIVE ME MAH DROPS I DEMAND THEM" but there should be some benefit to slaying higher level monsters. If it's not the higher tier drops then it should at least be more basic crafting materials or more adena to compensate for less drops or ...well something. Otherwise we're just going from spider simula
  12. Yeah filthy casuals. I mean what sort of idiot would assume that level 50 mobs should drop more than than level 20s? Seriously? Like it's so funny - they were expecting 1000-2000 adena drop per Krator and getting only 500-1000 they are so pathetic. Expecting 2005 rates phahah. Rejoice! It will be me, you and the gold sellers. So much fun.
  13. If you're thinking of soloing stuff - got for two-handed sword or blunt. Sword is preferable but beggars can't be choosers. If you group up with friends more than that - go for Cursed Maingauche + a good Shield. Even if you have a tank you'll end up off-tanking in many scenarios. And if you play with a dagger you can save some SP by skipping the sword/blunt mastery (and using the SP on M.def and Heavy Armor mastery) One-handed swords are also fine though, but a dagger would be more useful when having to PvP due to higher crit-rate and more interrupts.
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