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  1. @Hime 80% of population are bots ..go to EG .. kill their summon (get karma, but no PK point) twice, than wait till mob kill them (its nice to buff the mob and heal it so its faster) waste 10 minutes of your gametime..and than watch a new bot come and take that spot..GG ..neverending flood of them ...its disgusting ...GJ NCsoft U think the players should clean this mess ? rly ? they are everywhere ..i wont be making ticket with 40 screenshots ..i will rather quit this BS ...without live GM ..there is no point of playing here ..GG bro Also number of bot reports 6 ...when only at EG there are like 40 or more of them ..lol
  2. If everyone is making milions by selling sfuff, i wonder where those adena comes from
  3. @Hime Can be this survey be reliable tho ? Not sure, but dont thing most of the server Is +40, meaning aware of adena drop in higher areas , i only know this from reading forums, not sure everyone does 😊
  4. so u can not wait in aoe zones prepared with stun for poor tanks to drop an item, its bs mechanism wich people exploited to much ..i dont wanna restart everytime when i go afk, just becouse someone will come with agro mobs restart and kill me with it so he can drop my hard earned items ...dont tell me that u would be okey if that happend to you ..