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  1. Why or why not? Also is lethal/half strike (0 hp or cp) in this patch?
  2. Mate I got no issue with game system. My CP Tried to buy packs and coins for 20 accounts, and as a thank you for wanting to give NCWest 1600$ dollars to pay this shitty GoD version of classic, they locked all of our accounts and are chain locking all of our ip's (20 different people around the world) and refunding packs/coins. We just wanted to move to this server and play L2 the same way as we have always done, highly competitive, highly organized, and yes with sharing accounts but with 0 illegal software or otherwise illegal activities. Account sharing is not something that is forbidden.
  3. This game is FULLY pay to win. The only way to make reasonable adena is by collecting silver coins, trading them for materials and selling those to the shop. PRoblem being that most of the full parties / cp's / clan's that wanted to play together got all their packs and coins refunded. They bleeping ruined this server so hard. I am so dissapointed. My whole party is farming without any packs and coins even though we tried to put them on all party accounts over a week ago. NCwest refused our money.Meanwhile they nerfed adena and we literally can't do anything. almost all accounts can't log onto
  4. Game was advertised as 1.5 classic mate. 1.5 classic is something differently entirely from this PoS god client with some locked hunting area's we've received. 1.5 classic as a standalone game was the peak of L2's playing experience in the last 10 years after the original game started going downhill. You don't know what you're saying, you'll be sick of this shit soon enough don't worry.
  5. Hello, I'm not really sure where to begin to describe all the problems with the current version of the game we have received. You advertised this classic as 1.5 'classic'. Then later on you added on it would be 1.5 classic with some minor QoL improvements and bug patches. What we have received is basically GoD but with 1.5 classic hunting area's. Everything else is from later patches, skills, game systems, everything. Innova released 1.5 classic nearly 3 years ago. It was the perfect version of L2, playing very similar to the old school game, being able to PK and remove karma by
  6. Is Giran and Talking Island both US?
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