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  1. What Power level is? So difficult question?

    you miss the point Short answer is: Yes, you get permanent ban if you are in a bot party...reason is: you profit from others using 3rd soft aka you gain exp from botters. And no, they will not unban your account. It happent to a friend of mine many years ago. Conclusion: powerlvl made with live/macro clean players>>>its allow, np powerlvl made with bot programs>>>permanent ban even if you dont use such "help" I know what you think, how can we detect if those players use bot programs... Well, I dont know a good/right recipe for that...just use you sense,fler,read signs of bot. You know what you can do with macro, everything else is bot.
  2. A question on clans

    If you have like 40 friends who want to help you ...thats amazing You miss the point, you will not have much work to do for clan lvling... fame come from clan mates. There are literary 0 players in current version who want to join in a lvl 0,1,2 etc clan while lvl11 small clans with skills and CH are desperate to get new players... You can count only on your boxes and your close friends.
  3. A question on clans

    I think you were never member in a clan...It would be good if you refrain your question coz as it is is blur. Meanwhile check this link from EU. You lvl up clan by fame earned your clan mates, each clan member have 10-18 basic misions and some special and archivemens....each clan member can earn like 2500-3000(best situation) crp per week. Now do the math. Truth is...building a clan now in live servers is close to imposible. Its not a chalenge...its just waste of time
  4. January 2019 Preview

    Also RU servers will get the new chronicle update very soon, can we get a glance, a preliminary patch note, something regarding this?
  5. Farewell NcWest

    I play here active since 2011 and since then the interest for players well-being its getting lower and lower. In 2018 its almost zero... You put in store a dragon shirt for 150usd ish, can you tell me how you made that price? Coz for 150 usd I can buy in sale 10 TommyHilfigher t-shirts! Can you tell me why not bring back full drops and adena at normal lvl?I Dont understand why you choose to ignore our questions in this matter. Can you stand up and give us some answers in sensitive matters? or you keep ignore players? Can you provide a database info for live and classic?No? Why not?(I dont care about patch notes, as a new player i will not read 10 y of info...) Can you atleast promise to solve those problems?I guess not...your lack of respect for players is on the red label. Anyway, this game here on NcWest become for me a headache instead of a goodtime or relax. Thats why I will take Conquero advise and I choose to leave and move for a better services and respect on a diferent provider(who btw opened yday a fresh live server). Goodluck you all
  6. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, October 24, 2018

    I ask politely again @Juji you said you will bring back full drop and adena when bots will be gone...I have trust in xigncode, there are no bots in our servers now...Can you bring back full drops and adena now?(i hope you will not keep ignore my question, our question) Ps: we dont need a political answer...we need only yes or no..whatever answer suits us. Lets bury this matter pls.
  7. Golden compass event adena drop rate

    Farm for adena? There is not such a thing in live version Hell, even selling ncoins become obsolete...Ncoin value is way too low. Thanks to our beloved past GM''s the only possibility to get adena is to buy from obscure websites. I ask politely again @Juji you said you will bring back full drop and adena when bots will be gone...I have trust in xigncode, there are no bots in our servers now...Can you bring back full drops and adena now?(i hope you will not keep ignore my question, our question) Ps: we dont need a political answer...we need only yes or no..whatever answer suits us. Lets bury this matter pls.
  8. [News] Golden Compass Event

    @Juji Bro, its simple to solve this problem....just nefert damage of minions spamed by raid boss and all ppl will be good(do something like kartia group).
  9. Omg, you really are rednecks...Just check what JuJi wrotte here. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/6680-spoil-rates-are-not-fine-imo-with-a-bit-of-evidence/?tab=comments#comment-53437
  10. [News] Golden Compass Event

    @Juji @Hime I know you are busy with this thing Classic....but we, players from live servers, kept NcSoft floating many years. Pls fix this event...The problem is with those minions who hit very very hard. I mean I have bloody set, good 3 sa weapon, jewels,pve cloak, etc and I died 6-7 times per round..aka round 0.5% exp loose per round at 103 lvl....and I got ony 25 marks.....rly? I just cant imagine a character 100 lvl doing this instance without draon weapon and ultimate items....for this you made this event??? Event is for all 100 +...healers,enchanters,tanks,dd. Pls do your magic so every play can finish this instance.
  11. [News] Golden Compass Event

    @Juji @Hime Event info is a lie...try to do it with 100 lvl. Not possible. Pls lower dificulty for those rbs. I finish instance and i received 25 marks...I guess im the most unlucky player from server
  12. [News] Golden Compass Event

    I respect your opinion but... -103 lvl is lol, you need minim 105 now, 106 next 2 months, and so on....that is for pve not for pvp. -in live version you cant pvp coz you really cant catch up whales, I mean you can pvp but you will loose 99.999% of battles. -in live version you have to pay a lot of cash to get items...i mean a lot...thousants usd just for a midle geared toon. -in live version we dont have drops, adena,etc..there is little chance to make some adena without paying real money -in live version we have less and less players...due to reasons i wrotte before. -in live version there is no "point of return" ...both servers go straight to a merge in 1 server. Probably that will be happening in next 3-4 months. on the other hand: -in classic server all start fresh, you will not encounter a 14 years old toon full stacked 1 shot everything. -in classic server even for the start we have slow movement, slow skills and downtime for regen...its the start of server everybody have the same and with a proper plan you can pass faster on higher lvls. -best thing is you can catch up even if you start later....lvl cap is gold-players cant go further 84 lvl(if it come to that, now lvl cap is 70) -despite all inconveniences classic servers have much more players, more then 5000 per server and from that a healthy economy will rise. -in classic server we have adena and full item drop from regular mobs...here no need to say more coz last full drop I got was in 2012 or 2013 and it was an Apo mage sword in Faries. Ps: @Juji @Hime, i know we ask many time about that Conquero and Neutron but no answer from them....how about restore adena and full drops? I remember you said you will bring back drop rates and adena when there will be no bots on server. Im a positive guy, I trully belive xigncode work very good and there is no bot ppl on servers. So? Can we have a word from you?
  13. [News] Golden Compass Event

    Friend, you are already way behind...ppl were 99 lvl since minimum 5-6 years ago(I dont remember, could be more). I think you are the only one who start now . Take my advice and go play Classic...here on live you will get only frustration.
  14. [News] Golden Compass Event

    From what I saw we will be able to earn round 3200marks... that mean a Lucien's Bracelet +7. Also I notice the instance its kinda hard to finish...for sure is not for nacked100 lvl chars . But what can I say, first real good event in years....Congrats guys keep going like this.
  15. You could grant a 1 tm free transfer between servers so ppl will play on Aden for the moment. Also you know well that a fix its not posible, you just rich maximum players on server unexpected but...it is what it is.