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  1. what are you talking about? you get passive at 100 and 104... again its not a wow difference not even a signifiant one. https://l2wiki.com/Othell_Ghost_Hunter#100 https://l2wiki.com/Othell_Ghost_Hunter#104 You are doing something terrible wrong if you cant kill fast with your gear, take me for example...I dont have a +10 set or pve weapon, just a bless apo+16 and a +8 bloody; I dont have insanity just longing; I dont have 7s just anakin, just lvl 3 jewels, not even +4 bracelet,etc....I bet you have a better cloak, better jewels,better everything....and I still kill in tanor in 6
  2. Max SP is it not enough to learn all the skils, I just reawekened my dual at max sp.... I reawakend at 104 and 90%, I farm the rest 10% to 105 .....I still need sp to learn last 5 skils.
  3. waste of time and money....You gamble those at Aden reconstruction Manager in Giran...but the effect is random and the cost of that is very high.
  4. Othels are not complicated toons, they are just special . Here some facts to guide you: -pcrit and pskill crit damage count the same in damage economy -their hits crit all the time -they have 3 tipe of crits...not 2 as all other classes -pcrit damage, pskill crit damage and blow tipe crits -blow tipe crits are x3 of pcrit+pcrit damage combine(its an approximation) So your goal is to give 100% blow tipe hits, that mean you have to be in the 90+ dex area. I hope this was helpful.
  5. Max, for sure skill lvl for othel is not really big deal...its something else that hold your damage. Give us more details about your gear,dyes,ap,etc.
  6. Oh well, with your items should be fast enough in Tanor Find a small mob group, set on all auto buffs on othel, set macro with your important skils like: shadow chase/skill /skill 2/skill 3, turn on auto hunt for distance. Forget cW, you should kill those mobs in 2-3 hits. Set iss to give all auto buffs on and make a macro like this:/target iss, harmony, heal then target othel, harmony, pom,heal,assist and then those debuff skills. Check if you have set properly dualclass skils and you are on the warrior tree not on mage (happent to me...imagine an othel with matack) . Last f
  7. yes, there is a plan...next update they will delete our x2 80 lvl subclass.
  8. Sry dude, you sound like a person who dont know how to play this game You sound like a person who brought this toon. Or who quit and return now (later edit) First,wth what are you doing in Hellbound at 107(even with 102-103 skils)? What is your class? Are you healer? Coz with that gear even an ISS can farm in Tanor or Aligator with a little help In case you didnt notice ppl almost stop farm in Elven...
  9. Out of curiosity, whats up with this class? Its really that bad?
  10. Its not outdated, its just they did not change/improve that toon much....back on business and not necessary in that order: con dyes,cloak, circlet,longing, set+8 or better, paulina agation++,faction talismans+10, change that octavis ring with soul AQ or Tauti, +4 con bracelet, abundance lvl 1 min, venir lvl 9 its too low you can do better, 7 signs talisman or the one with pdef(anakim i think). You are not mid geared....you are nacked or low geared best scenario. Items you have are for 95-99
  11. For me was opposite, I left over night my toon with 10 mil adena and nex day was 1 bil adena. Strange things is happening here on NcSoft (Last one was a 7 day forumban on this account). Where were you when adena disapear? Dont Tell me...in Giran? You just dont log off you char in Giran......have you seen that ball of evil that floats over the city? Mby thats an explication.
  12. help this guy fast pls...he will go in withdrawal.
  13. Those sets are not for use, they belong to museum . Quenia is rich and crazy enough to buy those, wth are you doing with them? Selfie with dino in Primeval Island? :))
  14. I have a feeling that you dont have a party but a collection of FOTM toons . Back to business...you can try farm higher areas but its not efficient, I mean...for sure you can kill a mob in Tanor or Aligator but you kill it in 10 min probably . If you dont have adena/visacard to gear 1 AOE party...well, you have other options like: -play only 2 or one toon and gear him best(this option is most lucrative) -make a wynn party...5 wynns and 1 doomcryer (actualy that sound good for a movie name) Out of curiosity, why you want lvl up since you dont have gear or no perspective to g
  15. Exactly how many years? Q1: Check latest update, Fafurion chronicle https://www.lineage2.com/news/fafurion-patch-notes That quest has been deleted. Q2: Regarding Bamboo hat...probably nothing. Players in our days use 2 hair acc in the same time( 1(left) valakas/antharas/etina mask/there are few more but cant remember and the other one(right) Noble Circlet).
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