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  1. High level GK stat

    Actually, he miss some buffs and ligthing strike not lvl3 . Anyway, nothing fancy or exotic, just regular buffs...ok, that santa buff but its not a kill deal. @Draecke nice stats...you made me count with finger the numbers from Patt, twice .
  2. I know snickers, I was one of the enthusiasts who believed in Lineage Eternal But if again they will rework in wrong manner and ppl from Kr will give another very bad feedback ...we will still stuck with this version. The point is they release L2 God in 2011...just a little bit and we will archive 10 years....Its time for something new...i guess.
  3. Well, as you can see if population grow over 3500 they have serious problems with log in and lag....I really dont want to experience classic fever Conclusion is: 2000-3000 ppl is a healthy population....Problem is the gear&lvl gap between players is really big. Thats why you feel "empty server phenomenon" . What new management @Juji need to do is to lower the gap...and speak about that, lvl without gear is useless
  4. They will not merge even if only 2 players will remain on this servers...first they will open a new fresh server and after that will merge. And why complain?Seems ppl play on both servers... - Chronos   2299 players - Naia   1856 players I think NcWest have the highest population world wide for live version...why would they merge?How a merge will be a good thing?How a new live server will be a good idea? considering that EU fail big time and btw not even their fault...the game it self dont permit a new server( not many players left to start fresh, clans are imposible to lvl up, high lvl content cannot be played with standard items...im talking about 101-105 I dont dare to think about 105+, etc.). Koreans devs figure that a new server will be a fail and thats why they invented bloody servrs...smart guys. Players are waiting for a next chapter...call it L3,Lineage Forever,etc...not for recycled content and a poor merge.
  5. L2 is not like other ordinary games....here players avoid to fight with equal gear opponents. Its been like this since...forever and I write my self about it several times. Bully low gear and lvl players is the ultimate goal....thats why some idiots spent crazy amount of money.
  6. Macro loop deletion

    So...you enter to comment just to say this? Just for your info, most players are not native eng speakers. I think you guys should be happy...I would if most ppl speak in my native language..with or without spelling.
  7. You guys are hilarious, your expectation for NcWest to lower the prices, lower the gap between players or making a plan to repopulate live servers is really pure entertainement. The truth is under JuJi&Neutron management NcWest close and merge 4 server or so and now its about to merge Chronos and Naia....Recipe is simple and it was done several times allready , merge Chronos and Naia and open a new live server . There are many former/actual player willing to take a chance with a fresh start. Bref, dont be blind coz no...they will not lower prices, they will not bring back in game means of making adena(ftp adena), they will not care for ppl to have good time in game, they will care less about ppl outside of NA(after all, they have license only for NA...its a curtoasy to let other ppl to play here). Regarding adena gain in game is hilarious also...you can earn like 100-500 mil adena per week(with luck) but for making new items you need like 100 bil+++ adena ....my gran gran gran nefew will have a greater jewel or a +20 cloak...yeeeyyyyy Empty your credit cards, take a loan to buy ncoins, live American dream...future is bright . Btw @Juji last time you left you promise a pts server, now that you are back for several months and acommodation its over do you have any news on that?
  8. how you came up with this conclusion? Spending Adena and SP are required to learn and upgrade the first 5 levels of the passive skills. Subsequent skills can level up to a maximum of level 30 but will require additional Forgotten Spellbooks and SP. Forgotten Spellbooks can be purchased from the L2 Store. These chapters are completely tradable, and Chapter 1 can be exchanged with Adena to the Dimensional Merchant for Chapter 2 or Chapter 3. so, you need 25 books, adena and sp for +30 skill or it could mean much more if the (5) from (5) Forgotten Spellbook: Chapter 1 mean 5 pcs....
  9. I have Problem?

    Argus, what you experince...that problem is since forever and is worst after new anticheat program. Its mby coz we are playing from europe and probably a program like battleping can solve it. I played(recently) on Eu server and there i had no lag, everything load instant,etc...so its nothing wrong on our end.
  10. I have Problem?

    let me read again well, it was a deep analogy...and that prove low/medium/high traffic on servers have no or little impact on lag&delay. I think is safe to put the blame on this new/old anticheat tool
  11. I have Problem?

    I know you, you are not dumb.....but i dont understand why if you play on classic, have problems with classic you post on live section
  12. bow

    another classic dumb player?
  13. Farfurion update EU

    Fafurion Update!!! February 20th Players will challenge the fierce Dragon of Water, visit new hunting zones and scare up R110 gear and much much more. Thanks to iEmily English Translated: Fafurion Patchnotes Original: Fafurion Patchnotes Eu link Any info for NA? @Hime@Juji
  14. Marph Shirts +7 - End of NEW players

    If you really want someone to talk to you dont post stupid stories like this.....End of NEW players my ass and... that with you in worst situation is even more funny. Btw, you are also in the wrong section of forum. Here ppl talk about next chronicles.
  15. Can't Find Queen Ant.

    :D:D:D:D:D who are you? ......just google it wtf...or mby you are in a wrong forum section. For classic you need to scroll down.