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  1. Did Fafurion nerfed full eternal armor drops in AF?

    well, speaking for my self...after Fafurion update I got a full drop, an r99 circlet, in a old farm area...It was my first full drop here on NcSoft after many, many years. I was soo surprise and felt like winning lotery
  2. Noobies Doubts

    no lvl cap for main and dual....subclass is limited to 80. yes and no, you can do olympiad only with your main class...its the only difference yes, you are right yes, gold visa class is the best...other then that play whatever make you happy there are lots of quests, till 103 you can lvl up relative fast every class/lvl/farm area have specific macro, you just have to test yourself and fine tune again and again yes, you can have recipe for soulsshots(only dwarfs can use it-i dont think the common one ca be aquire in game at this time) Dont think its cheap to craft Players prefer mysterious shots from gameshop due to weight 0(we can carry how many we want....1 milion shots for example). Gl
  3. For me its not about the cost...its about, just an example, how facile was to noblese teleport in Lower GC But overall new teleport system its way better...and if they will bring back noblese teleport will be just perfect.
  4. Sel Mahum (new Area) Bug?

    Mobs are too hard to kill and also they hit pretty hard...my 103 tyrr in medium gear and full buffs(bloody,circlet,cloak,etc) berrely survive to 4-5 mobs. That area should be for 100-103 players, for 104+ simply not worth farm there. Mby @Juji wont lose his minds and look into this problem too
  5. Dye system dye powder

    @Juji @Hime can you pls provide more infor regarding: The Dye system has been renewed. Imprinting a symbol with dyes enables the Imprint Charge Gauge. The Imprint Charge Gauge can be recharged with dye powder. The Imprint Charge Gauge is consumed based on the amount of gained XP. If a symbol is imprinted and the Imprint Charge Gauge is 1 or higher, the imprint effect applies to each slot. The imprint effect provides the fixed effect for each class. Even if a symbol is removed, the charged gauge remains. If there is no imprinted symbol, the Imprint Charge Gauge cannot be recharged. Dual/sub classes do not share the Imprint Charge Gauge with the main class. how we imprint, how we obtain dye powder,etc......
  6. removing SA soul cry

    Hi, did anyone figure out how to remove soul crystal from weapon? @Juji @Hime can we have the table with necessary mats to upgrade r to r95 to r99 weapons? also can you give us more info about new crystal of determination?
  7. Live Server Update: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

    Hmmm, nop...im telling you ...you wont even manage to arrive in a farm area...usually ppl will die as soon as they step out from town
  8. all high lvl top players will be perma red...new fun killing pk lowbies. Its the new way NcSoft force players to pvp . most players will stay in towns...coz you dont even manage to get to farm spot, you will die in the sec you step out of the town. Its a good business strategy, you get pk(at first no pb)>>you get several times pk>>>you get mad>>>you search for the wallet and use visa>>>NcSoft happy
  9. well, next time when you complain about something you will know the outcome can be even worst :)). So, no more afk farmers...thats a good thing. #revolutionbegin #justkill'emall I can see in a week or so an avalance of complains from new forum chars combined with DDOS attacks ...when you take bread from table you should expect retaliation.
  10. Live Server Update: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

    so... no Merkios instance, no subclass to delete and no changes for the exhalted quest "for honor" but patack increased for ISS
  11. Oh, I forgot to mention...to see patch notes from the link you have to pm @Juji and @Hime in order to give you special permision
  12. here patch notes: https://www.lineage2.com/news/fafurion-update-patchnotes
  13. dwarf slayer?

    lol, you are looking at another game...there is not such class in Lineage 2(We are not Lineage 2 Revolution). Dwarfs are only Tyrr Maestro and Othell Fortune Seeker.
  14. Lineage II: Fafurion System Changes

    Downsizing clans its one of the negative side of this update...I was hoping for a system revamp... On the other hand they force players to do not enter with their alts in same clan and CLs to be more active organizing .