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  1. Was thinking of coming back to game in this update, but now for sure I wont
  2. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    lvl 25 mobs drop same adena as lvl 45 mobs - bots heaven, half the players I know owns a bot to make their adena on low lvls areas. Group areas adena are boosted while solo ares are not. The problem is the imbalance, making new chars 0-40 for the adena profit is just ridiculous
  3. Ideas behind lowered adena rates?

    Please don't touch the general rates anymore, you messed it up so much already. Just make VIP worth it (atleast double from what it is now, adena amount too) and thats it. Other wise noone will pay for VIP cus uts useless.
  4. Estimated calculation of GK

    Rob, I agree to most parts, but the problem with the GK prices are entirly because the adena drop amount is completely nerfed. Lvl 45 mob drops nothing close to original L2 rates, yet the GK prices remained the same . (Not to mention lvl25 mobs drops almost same as 45mob) Just give VIP4 normal rates (original l2, eu classic) and be done with this!
  5. Make VIP 4 Worth it

    There is nothing worth buying from the shop to maintain VIP4 (what does XP runes help when you cant even port around?) Either VIP4 should be boosted or all adena drop across the map should
  6. Estimated calculation of GK

    Bottom line is that the average person cannot pay for ports, which will force him running around half his play time which will eventually result in one logical conclusion - this is how servers die, when they lose their casual players base. I play 2 hours a day,I want to do the dailies , solo somewhere and maybe find a group in another place, which is completely impossible, unless i want to run around for an hour between the areas - and no, i am not going to spend 1 hour running around when i can only play 2.
  7. Same goes for other melees - after 50+ you lose money when soloing with shots. Anyone suggesting not to use shots after lvl 50 is either clueless or stupid.
  8. An Update on Greater Dyes

    Good call! +12 WIT dyes is rediciolus on mages, this will balance PVP between mages and other classes
  9. Attendance reward does not expire - it simply starts over again after you completed the 28(?) days.
  10. Hello, When using battleping (ping reduce software) I get the following XIGNCODE error after i apply my PIN code at char select: https://imgur.com/yszd0YV This does not happen if I do not use battleping. any ideas? Thanks!
  11. Adena tips for noobs?

    Yup, I hear 40+ sucks with drops, but theres no reason to make lvl 20 toons when your main is 25. IMO just push to 40, you'll get enough adena and drops along the way. After lvl 40 , I don't know. I guess eventually GM will address it.
  12. Adena tips for noobs?

    I don't think doing multiple level 20 chars is the way to go, the higher you get the chances of a valuable drops increases. I am 36 melee DD VIP 4 soloing with buff pet VIP 0, and I get a small profit just from the adena drop while using shots. While xping I also got a few drops (nothing big - necklace, armor gear), which amounted to around 500k. all in all i've made about 1million adena just by soloing my way to 36. I think this is decent. I hear after lvl 40 adena gets harder, but before that it is totally fine.
  13. Free server transfer to Aden
  14. Unresolved: 'Client Will Close' Issue

    daily restarts to kick afk is the solution IMO. VIP 4 AFKer should not triumph VIP 0 who wants to actively pay. for he sake of the server we need to keep a healthy active player base
  15. Issues Status Update - 10.8.2018

    --------------CRITICAL------------ - Spoil rates - 10% XP loss on death

    Afk fishers should not take space of active live players, VIP or not. The solution is simple, once a day (before prime time) force dc everyone.
  17. The Great Wall

    it was always possible to *atleast* break even using shots, the adena drop rate here is simply ridiculous. Even with VIP4 (Which is not cheap at all), you cannot maintain NG shots usage - simply broken rates. At this point the game does not feel rewarding at all, I personally have decided to stop now and come back if and when it is fixed. - L2 player since 2004.