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  1. lvl 25 mobs drop same adena as lvl 45 mobs - bots heaven, half the players I know owns a bot to make their adena on low lvls areas.

    Group areas adena are boosted while solo ares are not.


    The problem is the imbalance, making new chars 0-40 for the adena profit is just ridiculous

  2. 4 hours ago, FatHips said:

    I think thats the point, you should not spend your two hours doing that; you are better off hunting for 1:55 near whatever your "base" town is, than spending 1:15 running back and forth and 45 mins hunting, I did precisely that yesterday and I won't do it again ever.  Also this is far more fun and lucritive, so stop doing dailies they are a trap if you have limited play time.  My party has already stopped doing all the dailies except FOM, and even that will be stopped once our sws is 46.  It's just not worth it.

    The dailies need to be removed entirely, then this won't be a stressful change.

    The amount of ways free teleporting breaks the game far outweighs any costs.

    Rob, I agree to most parts, but the problem with the GK prices are entirly because the adena drop amount is completely nerfed.

    Lvl 45 mob drops nothing close to original L2 rates, yet the GK prices remained the same . (Not to mention lvl25 mobs drops almost same as 45mob)


    Just give VIP4 normal rates (original l2, eu classic)  and be done with this!

  3. 1 hour ago, LoanWolf said:

    This community can be cringeworthy at times.  Ive been pretty neutral on a lot of my responses, I havent attacked anyone for what they feel about this game.  Most of you aren't level 50 yet.  Ive already adapted to the changes, but my adaptation means me doing 2 things.  Live in Aden, walk to Forest of Mirrors to do daily then walk to enchanted Valley or just live and grind in Enchanted Valley.  Ive already done that.  Killing a level 20 mob should not be the same as killing a level 55 mob, which it is STILL in this game.  Bot farming is comically easy if a character that is 1 hour old can make the same as one that takes 2 months to progress.  

    I understand that some people will want GK costs to remain.  I get that.  But most players will either delevel to 40 and farm AI which is trash exp and think they can boost instantly to 50 1 day which they wont.  Others will hold off at 45/46 and just live in Aden forever.  Others will camp in their grindspot and not move for weeks and have their box ferry things to them.  Others will just reroll characters passing their d grades and refarming the same shit theyve killed for months.  

    Theres nothing hardcore about any of that, its just a pain in the ass and lessens the content and quality of the game.  People will adapt to it but realistically it blows for clans.  Im not going to Cruma anymore because of the cost or distance so my clan no longer has a tank to bring level 40s up.  They are camping in Giran because of the cost to get to Aden, those under 45.  It just seperates players.  

    My suggestion would actually help to combat some of the issues in this game.  This isn't Lineage 1.0 or 1.5 or 2.0.  Its a mutated version of this game.  You can have all the fun you want picking up stems twice as fast in a dead server within 2 weeks but trust me when everyone logged on in my clan yesterday it was like a punch in the face.  And those are real lineage 2 fans that are just getting straight fed up with this game right now. 


  4. Bottom line is that the average person cannot pay for ports, which will force him running around half his play time which will eventually result in one logical conclusion - this is how servers die, when they lose their casual players base.

    I play 2 hours a day,I want to do the dailies , solo somewhere and maybe find a group in another place, which is completely impossible, unless i want to run around for an hour between the areas - and no, i am not going to spend 1 hour running around when i can only play 2.


  5. 3 hours ago, Decayed said:

    Attendance reward already expired for people who started on day 1.  Did you start a week late?

    Raid boss even won't have any effect anymore.

    Pumpkinface yes, that's dumb because again, people made alts to get a higher chance of d grade tradeable weapon.

    VIP are already up for renewal.  Again, you must have started a week late.


    Half the stuff in your list are already done.  The letters were stupid.

    Attendance reward does not expire - it simply starts over again after you completed the 28(?) days.

  6. 4 minutes ago, Sinkest said:

    40+ you will not be able to sustain yourself with the adena. It doesn't drop any higher than what it does now and you'll use a ton more shots against the mobs. Not to mention you'll start paying for teleports and spell/skill books will cost millions. 

    Yup, I hear 40+ sucks with drops, but theres no reason to make lvl 20 toons when your main is 25.

    IMO just push to 40, you'll get enough adena and drops along the way.

    After lvl 40 , I don't know. I guess eventually GM will address it.

  7. I don't think doing multiple level 20 chars is the way to go, the higher you get the chances of a valuable drops increases.

    I am 36 melee DD VIP 4 soloing with buff pet VIP 0, and I get a small profit just from the adena drop while using shots.

    While xping I also got a few drops (nothing big - necklace, armor gear), which amounted to around 500k.

     all in all i've made about 1million adena just by soloing my way to 36. I think this is decent.


    I hear after lvl 40 adena gets harder, but before that it is totally fine.

  8. it was always possible to *atleast* break even using shots, the adena drop rate here is simply ridiculous.

    Even with VIP4 (Which is not cheap at all), you cannot maintain NG shots usage - simply broken rates.

    At this point the game does not feel rewarding at all, I personally have decided to stop now and come back if and when it is fixed.

    - L2 player since 2004.