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  1. @Juji so far i see that queue is moving faaaar slower. I think it will take 20 or even 25 mins to reach 1 position. Instead of 5-10mins previously. But it doesnt matter, if that will help me to log.
  2. Is it so hard to remove this stupid feature for VIPS so every person will stop suffer because of your unproffessional employees cant implement it good?
  3. Guys the core problem is that EXCLUSIVENESS for VIP. But its really stupid, because none of us bought VIP because of this "non-queue". We did it because of exp/drop rates, bonuses or just getting accessories. So we all suffer because of this stupid "feature". You wont even find it in any description of "VIP". And by the way, if all VIPS wouldnt have that insta-login but could login normally without dropping, it would be acceptable for everyone!
  4. THE FIX IS VERY EASY. Remove that "Priority" from VIP users, if you cant implement it good enough. Why 90% of ppl should suffer because of that? And its truly 90%. I have VIP also, but my buffer doesnt have. I guess many ppl play like me. Not saying that someone has no VIP at all!
  5. Is anyone experience disconnects? I already got 3 dc's. Literally cant play
  6. This is the worst experience I ever had in MMO. Cant login more than 3h. More than 20 attaemts. Can you at least remove this stupid PIN notification? I am not magician and I cant enter 6 RANDOMLY placed numbers, press Enter and login - and all that I have to do within 5 seconds? THANKS
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