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  1. My wife got a reply yesterday saying they won't give her any proof what she did wrong just that her account is not deleted and she should of thought about what she did, ok well played many games from ncsoft, never been banned accused of nothing since we started playing back in 2005, spent real money on her vip accounts and mine, now she can't play I won't either deleting my nc account gonna go play elsewhere, am pretty downhearted by the whole thing, innocent players are banned but adena sellers and bots plague the game and nothing is done, shame was enjoying the game. Bye bye
  2. Well as soon as her accounts were locked she did a virus scan see if something was a miss, her system came back clean, its just windows 10 and very few games on there.
  3. so my wife got a reply from ncsoft this morning, in her email she asked for proof of anything she did wrong, so her reply from ncsoft they said they will not discuss their detection methods with her, she did not ask for that she asked for proof, paypal disputes will stay in place, only thing I think of why she got her account closed in the first place, I remember her seeing her dwarf and buffer sitting out in the hunting zones while we were watching tv, maybe someone reported her as a bot perhaps I dunno, either way it sucks that she lost hours of her time playing only to lose it, I find it qu
  4. my wife has had 2 out of 4 accounts locked due to suspicious activity , we responded and sent them an email, 3 days later they responded and said the use of 3rd party programs result in penalty of account closure, they did not provide any proof, my wife is innocent she has L2 on 2 monitors, she did not get any captcha just the clients closed and then unable to log in, so suspicious activity has thiings to do with ingame actions we are the proof @b0nk3rs
  5. we asked for proof and we have paypal disputes on now for those accounts
  6. My wife's accounts were locked on wednesday for suspsicious activty, we play together side my side and her buffer and a alt dwarf the clients closed, so she tried to login but account locked, so emailed them and 3 days later they said due to 3rd party program account is closed, she didn't use any and they did not privide any proof, anyway uninstalled the game on her pc and mine not being part of this BS from ncsoft. ncsoft lost 2 active players and 4 VIP accounts GG ncsoft
  7. I Had Error: PGP99150 On the ticket my wife sent they said their security blocked our account, it was also mine too but anyway we submitted a ticket and they took a couple of days to answer it
  8. Had this issue on mine and my wife's account, its the NCSOFT security has blocked your accounts you need to submit a ticket and they will unblock you at their end
  9. I really Like L2 classic its great but I am sick and tired of seeing so many bots everywhere I dont care for seller shops or fishing for em that is not the issue, its everywhere I go 6 bot train everywhere I go, plains of dion, wastelands, eastern mining zone to name a few, now I am VIP and I have too queue because of this, if NCSOFT do not do anything about it then I simply wont pay for VIP 3 again, I can imagine alot of people will have the same idea. Its a shame bots are killing the game, and to be fair I have been on a server with bots but not of this magnitude, ban the bots or lose y
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