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  1. Dear GMs, some of the latest changes at the game are rather disappointing. The adena nerf at stgh1 is really a bad thing. Many people bought stocks of isle of soul passes on the basis of a certain income. Now that equation is gone and Stgh1 passes have become useless. So I feel bad for those players who were screwed by these changes. Personally I used to buy passes on daily basis. I was doing 4/5 hours of stgh1 every day. a good deal for your company NCstore and a good deal for me since with my high lvl toon I was able to farm 3/4 b of adena each day and I could subsequently move the market in giran. It was a win win situation from al points of view. Now with this huge reduction of income, stgh1 has become not profitable anymore, neither ingame nor for you because I can foresee that the sell of passes on the NCstore will crumble. Now people will do their free 1 hour and after they will do other stuff. Check today the place: is empty.....nobody goes to stgh1 anymore. The other thing which disturbs me, is the changes to Fafurion and DV. High end parties have worked months to find a setup to farm these areas. Recently there was the 2/3 top parties of Chronos playing there and fighting each other. Now its not possible play there. Mobs have become too tough to kill. So where those top parties are supposed to go hunt? The only profitable area for parties atm is Swamp of screams but you can play there 4 hours per day. So what is the plan for top players beside this? Are they supposed to make parties at Field of silence with their hard earned dragon bows? There is not 1 decent exp party area for lvls 110/114 available in all the game. I wonder if you realize this. Eventually I suggest that you find a way to reward party exp and push for this type of gameplay. If we are playing LA2 is to have fun with other players and the parties should be rewarded and encouraged. It is simply dumb that if I solo I get 100% exp and if im on a party of 5 players I take 20% exp. I hope that you will think about the above and take the appropriate steps one day or another. regards
  2. Cloak enchant rates

    The rates are adjusted by ncsoft in accordance to their needs
  3. Cloack enchant

    Well as i see it, having done this event, is that at the start the enchant rate was very good. I was able to make the cloak i wanted with no big troubles. After this since about 72 hours it is impossible to get what you paid for. I used 12 stable scrolls on a +10 and got +12. Same stuff to enchant from 0 to +10. At the beginning of the event it was easy and now it is a hell. So my deduction is that they have encouraged people with high rates at event start. Then they realized that there were more and more cloaks +10/+15 and they decided to lower chances to not overflow the market. If commercially is an understandable move it is like to go to a casino with the gambling rules who change after 2 hours of gambling!
  4. 1. Italy 2. Stormscreamer now Ghost hunter 3. Lionna now Chronos 4. 110/107 5. I stopped 8 years and resumed in 2018
  5. Dear Juji Please advise when you plan to reactivate auto-use and macro system so to help us to best organize our schedule and the purchases on NCshop. Regards LF