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  1. As i saw @Hime said that they are working on Drop rate etc . But what about Spoil rate . They are try to fix it also ? because didn't saw that as known issue . Looking for one reply for spoil rates too @Hime
  2. Sorry if i 'm wrong but the Rate has to be x1 and when you use the VIP system to be extra bonus because for this reason someone pay the VIP and not to be just back on normal rate.Seems like scam when someone introduce a official classic server with x1 rates and after they tell you that you have to be VIP to be x1 unless will be x0.1-0.2
  3. Hi guys .I decided to create this post because from the time that i start to use spoil to mobs something was wrong on spoil success(how many times mob became blue). At begin i had lvl1 spoil and i thought that probably was low lvl , so when i lvled up and i did class transfer to scavenger i got lvl 2 spoil and i tried again . Isn't normal to use spoil 10+ times and to be activated all the times and to get spoil effect(blue) at 1 time and in some other regions to be much worst like abandoned camp with 50+ activated spoil and 0 success(blue) . As all know our official server rates are x1 on sp
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