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  1. Issues Status Update - 10.9.2018

    UGGGG....I swear the spoil rates a WORSE since the "patch". 4 HOURS spent trying to get a 1/25 spoil recipie....nothing...nada...zero. This is beyond bad. I KNOW it wasn't like this in c3/c4 days....I don't even think it was this bad in Prelude/C1.
  2. Accounts Closed for Illegal Third-Party Programs

    You cannot control the number of accounts running on one machine unless you track the mac id numbers. I doubt seriously NCSoft is tracking accounts using anything but IP addresses. If they start limiting accounts per IP then you start loosing players at colleges, families in homes, players at internet cafes, and players just doing a simple lan party. You would have thought they would have expected the huge influx and had better prepared for it in ways other than the obviously useless queue system. TBH I would rather them fix the horrendous drop/spoil rates than waste time finding a handful of cheaters.
  3. Issues Status Update - 10.9.2018

    I started out playing on Giran but now am starting over on Aden and just got disconnected for no reason. The drop/spoil rates are still horrible from what I can see. Is NCSoft seriously trying to make this a pay to win game? On Giran I have 2 characters at 15 with total of 9000 adena between them...pretty sure in the C3 C4 days I had alot more than that just dumping garbage in the stores. I have a list of material recipies I collect and there is now way the rates are correct. Kill 100 mobs to get a 1 in 25 spoil recipie... Someone is seriously ignoring those of us who want to play normally without paying for goodies every month...If I wanted to pay a monthly fee I would play friggin WOW!!!
  4. Unresolved: 'Client Will Close' Issue

    You people blaming those of us that "two box" for your queue problem are full of s***. The whole idea behind a queue is stupid. I have NEVER had to wait in line to log into a MMO before. Apparently this is yet another ploy to get people to buy VIP bs. If NCSoft wanted to make this pay to play it should have started it that way. NCSoft made a huge mistake with the VIP thing. Now there are people pushing 40 with newbie equipment because the drop/spoil/adena rates are STILL BORKED.