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  1. 14 horses in sea of spores,at the main spots,and 1 gnom...this is crazy,the administration dont take any step in fixing this issue of botting.
  2. Hello Hime,the trees dont regen hp ,only mp.
  3. Skill Rage

    20% p.atk is given to any weapon, to a double sword weapon we get 20%p.atk +another 5%p.atk,i am just counting the initial for a one hand sword.,we dont really get our dps right,i just want the admins to check ,maybe i am wrong somewhere.
  4. Skill Rage

    Hello,i would like to rise up a question,Destroyer Skill (Rage),give 20%p.atk,when used the skill ingame it doesnt give 20% p.atk. http://prntscr.com/mdsfzc (initial) http://prntscr.com/mdsggp (after rage used) initial p.atk is 126. (only 14 p atk added after using rage skill. ) when it should be 25.2 p.atk. Maybe i did something wrong,explain please. @Hime
  5. Update

    Happy holidays. Can we get an update on the new expansion or atleast some addons about the runes.Everyone knows the fighters are in really big disadvantage so would be a good start to give us first the runes,not the entire update. And again happy holidays. @Hime give us an answer.
  6. Adena ads

    yes,add filter ban or block,lets say,they use those website,just block that website name ingame filter the words.
  7. WTS Lesser Giant Hammer +12

    WTS Lesser Giant Hammer +12 Pm ingame aHTuTaHk or forum. http://prntscr.com/lp6s7a
  8. Plated leathers

    Want to buy plated leather armor and pants ,pm ingame ahtutahk or mail me here
  9. How to refund my purchases ?

    Open dispute on paypal
  10. How dumb can you be not to change the teleport prices as first,we are not playing classic version ,so why we pay the price from the classic to teleport?you didnt even notice that????????????????
  11. Is this a joke?we waited 2 weeks for the answer no changes?are you really blind???we want changes
  12. Dwarven Hammer Top C Blunt

    Want to buy top 2h blunt Dwarven Hammer,pm me on forum or ingame aHTuTaHk
  13. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    Hello,spend here for vip4 money and many others for buffs scroll,to find out i cant, cause i need to wait hours long,i dont have time to wait,i want to play,deal with it or return all my money back!
  14. As the title says, i did some tests on adena drop in a full party. The level of the members in party were 2 levels - +around it. So at level 25 in abandoned Camp we were getting 15 adena per mob each player.So at this point everybody cried on forum about exp drop spoil . Days after,the managament changed the exp/drop/spoil as they said. Now i am level 38 farming the spot near ant queen in full party the levels differ again 2-+, i get 12 adena minimum per mob kill does that sounds good?maybe ,but not us the player base. For me seems that the more we advance in level the more reward we should get ,so we can sustain ourself with soulshots and equipment. Can we get an answer on this #Hime