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  1. Olympiad

    Thankyou for answering.
  2. Olympiad

    Good evening ladies and boys. As we all know we got the new olympiad interface/system which is very poor. -No weapons -No hero skills -No hero cloak -No shop points to buy anything,atleast some speed potions scroll/books. So in the end we have the op players that win hero so they get the chat flood option and some passive buff that triggers once in a while which is useless i say. The majority of players,80% of community wont play olympiad next week as we dont get anything from it even if we lose the matches. @Juji Can we get a reward for playing the olympiad? @Juji Can we get a shop for spending our points on something we can have fun with,something useful. Cant wait to hear the Devs answers.
  3. Classic's Current Situation

    Useless to fight nc bro,they ignore our topics,the only way is to not log off 1 day all server and to prove them that we control them,not they us,but very small chance all server/characters to listen to eachother and to do as a one community ...
  4. they did on purpose i guess
  5. I cant sell anything on Dimensional Merchant NPC,there is no such option there...and why so low price for s grade,joke?
  6. And btw,we have server issues now,long connection waiting time.
  7. do we get any new event with kamael update?
  8. Juji,can we have info about s grade recipes soulshots,can we sell them or trade?
  9. high lvl zones

    nobody farm them ,never
  10. Drops update

    Hello Juji,with the new update incoming,can we get a normal drop/adena/spoil system like a normal default server,even the new 20% boost adena drop,is very low compared to europe/russia/Asia,can we get the normal drop/adena/spoil?
  11. i can sell recipe s grade all ,pm pp2018 ingame giran
  12. 1500 atk speed p crit 500
  13. Admins,we killed cake 3 times in 40 minutes,can you stop trolling us and give us rewards?
  14. New NC Launcher

    we cant play game now,it drop us on blade and soul game,and the l2 exe dissapear
  15. 14 horses in sea of spores,at the main spots,and 1 gnom...this is crazy,the administration dont take any step in fixing this issue of botting.