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  1. As no actions from management,i leave server ,goodbye bois.
  2. Hello,greetings from our community,when we can get an official answer about the issues we propose in this topic.?
  3. No reason to spend any money for this game if the Admins dont actually do their work .All they do is to ignore people .Never listen to us.
  4. I wont buy anything from L2store until no action.
  5. Greetings from all the clans of Giran Server. As we look at the situation of the server in the last couple months ,we can see we have many issues,from the bugs of the updates that happened almost month ago,and only autohunting was fixed as an emergency situation as server was unpopulated,rest was ignored and forgotten. The reason we all are writing this petition is to improve our server ,so we normal players can enjoy our loved game. These are the things we want to get fixed : -The PK system is very unfair,we want more negative debuffs on pk character ,no teleport available,no
  6. agree,server is to bugged and forgotten by the administration,they put minimum of effort in supporting the server.
  7. Hello @Juji 3 weeks passed,you didnt fix any bug yet,can you please put some force,people leave clan/server every day,fix the damn game for once and forget about money.
  8. @Juji Hello everyone,2-3 weeks passed since we reported the issue with autohunting,took 1 week to fix the autohunting as a extreme measure cause all server was dead. Now after 2 weeks,we get new event @Juji but still no fix on server,/debuffs/epics low level/ goldberg glitch and other issues which you mention in your topic. Now we get event with boxes/some love stuff,but we didnt get a fix about anything. Any comments/updates on the case?
  9. @Juji can we get a fix in adena drop ,location like varka/ketra/lair of antharas,the drop of adena/drop.
  10. Hello @Juji as you stated about buffs and debuffs,i would like to add some additional information,there is a bug about cancel,you cant cancel buffs placed on Zaken/Baium,cancel doesnt work(any cancel skills),as well,Buffs dont work on Zaken/Baium The epics ones,like tyrant/gladiator hex dont work and Block Shield dont work at all on Zaken,only cubic works,which is a bug as well. Epic Baium very hard lands debuff ,some of them dont work at all. Please check this,we tired of writing ticket already,they say they send info to dev,but nothing get fixed.
  11. Went to pk 10minutes ago ,and i cant see people anymore farming, @Juji there are no people to kill juji,wars left the server ,who i pk now?fix the update please.
  12. Hello,i did a petition regarding questioning the Aden Talisman box+8 we get from event,i got a box on alt account i dont need the box to be,so right now the GM told me to come on forum and report it here,as maybe developers see and may change it. Once again i wanna say that i have the box of aden talisman +8 not the talisman unpacked. Can we make it tradable? @Juji can you take a look?
  13. @Juji can you log in and give some gm buffs due to all this disconnects happening now random,and due to all this issue with the server.?
  14. @Juji I hope you summon the Raidbosses now,cause they suppose to appear now.
  15. Raidbosses respawn time doesnt work @Hime , @Juji check 50% respawn time,doesnt work
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