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  1. A_Game_of_Cards quest

    Lets talk about this quest A game of cards https://l2wiki.com/classic/A_Game_of_Cards Is it Even worth it done it 10 time only 3 times did I get a 1 pair. Who has gotten lucky ?
  2. Max lvl farm sos books farm

    what is the max lvl to farm books at sea of spores I'm lvl 50 I know of the 8 lvl gap but that's for rb not sure if it applies also for book drops. Normal monstsrs
  3. Delevel and skills

    All this cuz of dungeon ?
  4. Enchantment ***********

    No one should have anything +8+
  5. Why pk kama so bad

    Have 12 pks.10000 karma makes no sense need to die around 12 14 times ..lose 1 whole lvl for 1 pk You will spend 1 week trying to dekarma yourself
  6. With demon i do around 300+ damage more but cast slower With Karmen I do -300 damage less but cast faster Have. +5sage 131 m attack staff Which set is better? I feel I lack the damage with Karmen but lack the casting speed with demon Always using acumen pots ..if using demon set Help plz
  7. Banned Accounts?

    my friend also got ban for using 3rd party when he dont even bot.. played on him 1 day to lvl 20 log in the next day .and was ban
  8. Banned Accounts?

    sad your ..... will not be removed and the penalty will stand
  9. GK Prices should go 50% lower

    I just wasted 25 mins walking Waiting anotber 30 mins for my friends 1 hr 30 mins just to do fom which before took me 25 mins I'm about ready to open steam again
  10. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    Half or 1/3 of all players will quit only cuz teleports are not free. To waste money. Or time after 1 month watch Giran sever have2k out of 5
  11. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    in Orc barracks every party they will be a drop .. 100% now at Cruma or any other place I seen 2 drops .. Its like 3% now 40+
  12. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    As you know we all work for a living some of us I only have about 2 to 3 hours to play of course I do have a family you think I want to run everywhere spend 30 minutes of my 2to 3 hours running in between that time I am not going to make enough money to even reimburse myself for my teleports I have spent plenty enough money on this game if things continue this way I'll never spend a penny and slowly but surely I will quit the game just like everybody else make teleport free or you will lose after several population I shit you not about that. I haven't played pubg or League of Legends since your lunch I'm starting to miss it.
  13. No dead whisper drop

    Rotting golem drops 2 books 1 death whisper 2nd divine power Been farming 6 days 3 book drops all divine powers same drop rate I dont think so. .help
  14. Need help picking a class

    whats up man join our discord u are welcome https://discord.gg/4nTyt9