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  1. Mobs not droping anything

    Spell check doom knights only give good xp .. They have no drop rate.. .. 0 drops xp only
  2. Mobs not droping anything

    Doom knights only give good so..nothing else ... Only do no drops
  3. Why Quest Mania daily deleted?

    u have a bug sir
  4. Gl everyone

    go pve some more ...
  5. Gl everyone

    Keep playing/wasting your pointless life..no shit its pay 2 win.
  6. Gl everyone

    Waste more time n money on a p2w rng game.. Spend 350$on pendant nothing but trash.. Spend over 1500$ ...back 2 lol I go .. Or wait for wow classic ..bye dying/bot no gms sever...
  7. I will say thats a cool Aug.. Thats better then +10m attack sense u need p attack..
  8. Giran ~help needed

    ill help u .. spend $$ or just quit playing . lvl 68 sph .. good luck trying to make your money back farming. at lvl 42 or 41 your teleports cost adena.. just wait for wow classic or something ..and if your not lvling up a buffer even more good luck sir ... lineage 2 is a great game but this 1x sever is a joke.. not even fun ..0 pvp people dont wanna farm 1hr to die in 1 min to lose that 5% they grind for.. at lower lvls is fun to lvl/pvp but safe your soul/time form this 1x sever
  9. 200$ of pendants

    u get 4 free ones form the nc shop.. i broke all 200$ trying lvl1+10 all fail then i tried the 4 free one which i made one lvl1+10 which i cant even trade it.
  10. 200$ of pendants

    made a +10 earth ..which i cant trade .need wind.. beside that i got nothing.. just trying for lvl1 +10 wind
  11. Gathering money for Community Managers

    can u share the gofundme page?

    M. Atk.+15.97 MP Consumption for magic+15% does that mean i consume 15% more mana?
  13. coliseum

    we tried pvping at coliseum ..onces u die u lose all buffs.also u have to /sit down of mana/hp/cp forget about the buffs but can we at least get full hp/cp/mana back? make it better to use coliseum for fun pvp events
  14. can we get another daily quest for xp scolls at lvl 63+ maybe give us like 13m?