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  1. you is monster !!! <3
  2. @Juji, When will this be resolved? we are not logging our accounts in the morning, losing the first day of the event already, losing XP, Prestige package ... this kind of thing has to be resolved soon! I'm trying to update the launcher on time! terrible!
  3. I'm not able to update the launcher! what happened?
  4. will have sale of rune of vitality available at l2store?
  5. Hypocrisy with fighter

    Create a yull lvl + 99 with the teams in the game and I create a feoh 99 with the teams the game offers up to 99 and let's hit a pvp. Let's see if your shit yull lowers my mana that easy. come on?
  6. Hypocrisy with fighter

    Stop talking bullshit ... all wizards items are cheaper! and it comes in a lot more in lucky events ... as I said before all events that I invested ncoin didn't receive 1 fighter item if you want. event like brooch jewelry i will never invest again, i bought 16k from ncoin hoping to get at least 1 red cat and i won nothing! totally rubbish!
  7. Hypocrisy with fighter

    Stop talking nonsense ... wizards only farm adena at stake ... don't spend another walk with NC !! Biggest donors are fighters
  8. Wanted to understand why the game does not come items for fighter in lucky event, only for wizards, Example (Mermoden and Pantheon). Almost no kain comes at the events and this hurts more in the selling price. Another classic example is brooch jewelry, past event I opened 150 boxes and didn't get 1 red cat if you want. The game favors wizards too much and so the fighters have to invest a lot more to be able to face a class that is already very op. This is ridiculous! @Juji This kind of thing needs to be fixed. in a moment there is only wizard in the game! discouraging!
  9. Prestige Holiday Bonus Pack

    Where is our Pretige bonus pack ?
  10. Red Libra

    Thank you. Despite being disappointed ... Lots of people waiting for the event!
  11. double christmas event

    If it was very interesting to release 2 events at the same time Christmas, gift for the staff!
  12. Red Libra

    Will red libra return in December?
  13. La Vie En Rose's Brooches

    I wonder when the brooch jewelry event is coming?
  14. Ultimate Jewelry Box

    No event is totally safe