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  1. Prestige Holiday Bonus Pack

    Where is our Pretige bonus pack ?
  2. Red Libra

    Thank you. Despite being disappointed ... Lots of people waiting for the event!
  3. double christmas event

    If it was very interesting to release 2 events at the same time Christmas, gift for the staff!
  4. Red Libra

    Will red libra return in December?
  5. La Vie En Rose's Brooches

    I wonder when the brooch jewelry event is coming?
  6. Ultimate Jewelry Box

    No event is totally safe
  7. Ultimate Jewelry Box

    when will the brooch jewelry event come back? I want to invest heavily in this event. https://www.lineage2.com/en/news/store-promos/brooch-store-promo-01252017.php Att,